Most escape rooms across the globe are commonly designed to accommodate only 4-6 players at a time.

But what if you have a larger group of friends who are all escape room enthusiasts? Maybe you belong to a big family with a ton of relatives who would like to join your quest? Or perhaps your office would like to sign up your entire department of coworkers for a unique team-building activity?

Whatever the case may be, Maze Rooms has the perfect 10 person escape room to experience with your large group of friends, family, or colleagues!

At Maze Rooms, No One Gets Left Behind!

Enter together, escape together!

The best escape room concept for any large group is one that will excite and engage all the players. While some escape rooms may claim to accommodate large groups, not all give each and every player an integral role in solving the mystery and finishing the quest. Here is Maze Rooms’ one of a kind, 10 person escape room:


If you enjoyed watching Clash of the Titans, the Percy Jackson series, or even Disney’s Hercules, you will love Maze Rooms’ Sky Odyssey escape room! Sky Odyssey accommodates the largest group of players among all our 20 escape room concepts at Maze Rooms. What is it about?

The Greek Gods need your help to save their home from the wrath of the titans! Assemble your team of up to 10 players as you attempt to activate a magic weapon that can turn the tide in favor of the Gods! Sky Odyssey gives players 70 minutes to accomplish the quest as it is also one of Maze Rooms’ higher-difficulty escape rooms.

Sky Odyssey is located at 132 S Vermont ave Unit 204, Los Angeles, CA 90004, USA.

More Maze Rooms Concepts for Larger Groups of Players!

If you have already tried our Sky Odyssey escape room or are simply searching for a quest outside of Greek mythology, here are other Maze Rooms escape rooms for large groups of up to 8 people.


An eerie, abandoned house, a case gone cold, and a missing family. Filled with clues, puzzles, and revelations — a hair-raising experience awaits for teams of 2-8 players, ages 12 and up, with medium difficulty!


Yeehaw! Embark on a prison-break mission set in the Wild, Wild West. Good for 2-8 players, ages 8 and up, with medium difficulty. Your gang of cowboys must get to town and break your friend out of jail before it’s too late!


Wizardry, witchery, and a world of magic and mystery! This escape room entraps you into an alternate universe of perplexing optical illusions and mind-tricks. Perfect for 2-8 players for ages 10 and up, with high difficulty.


Unleash your inner Tomb Raider in this heart-pounding 2-8 player, medium-difficulty escape room! Put your heads together as a team to dispel the tomb’s enchantments or you will soon find yourselves entombed and mummified with Amenhotep the fifth!

Our 7 Maze Rooms branches are situated at the following locations: Highland Avenue, LAX, Robertson Blvd, Santa Monica Blvd, Sepulveda Blvd, Venture Blvd, Vermont Ave. Bring your squad and book a 10 person escape room today!