Horror escape rooms are a phenomenon that started in Asia but has quickly made its way to Western countries. These games combine the depths of imagination and entertainment, bringing people together for a memorable experience.

People love horror escape rooms for various reasons. A lot of them enjoy working together with people to solve puzzles, although others just like to get scared. Regardless of the reason, these games have proven to be popular in 2023.

You might be asking yourself: Why have horror escape rooms become such a huge trend? What is the one thing that scares everybody? Horror, right?
So why are most of us not frightened by horror-themed escape rooms?

It’s because we know it’s a game and we’re going to survive.

Best Scary Escape Rooms in Los Angeles

Looking for the best scary escape rooms in Los Angeles? You’re in luck because they are very popular here. The reason people love horror escape rooms in LA is that they give you the thrill of being scared with the knowledge that you will survive the experience.
Horror-themed escape rooms have become extremely popular around the country and Los Angeles is no exception. This success has inspired entrepreneurs around the country to open up their own horror-themed escape rooms, bringing everyone’s favorite horror stories to life.

The popularity of horror films and books has been growing steadily over the years, and people are always looking for new ways to experience these dark stories. Horror-themed escape rooms allow people to explore their fears in a safe environment, while also having fun with friends and/or family.
Here are some of the best horror-themed escape rooms in Los Angeles:

1. Whatever Happened to the Garretts

Location : 11901 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 211, West Los Angeles, CA 90025
Complexity: 2/3 | Players: 2-8 | Age : +12 | Time: 60 minutes

If you like goosebumps, thrillers, mystery and horror altogether without getting too confused solving puzzles, “Whatever happened to the Garretts” is the right escape room for you. Especially if you’re looking for one of the best scary escape rooms.

User Comments:
Ryan K.: “This is the best escape room company in LA. We played Whatever Happened to the Garretts and Spy Dogs. The actors are awesome and really welcoming after the game. I recommend playing all rooms with actors, it really enhances the experience.”
Mark M.: “I have done a lot of escape rooms across the best escape rooms in LA but this is truly one of the greatest i have ever played!”

2. The Basement

Complexity: 2/3 | Players: 1-8 | Age : +12 | Time: 45 minutes

How about getting kidnapped with your friends by a serial killer? The basement is kinda like a survival video game. A psychopath who’s into electronics, taxidermy etc. Your communication skills will be tested. You will find numerous clues and items throughout the room and you need to keep it together if you want to survive. This escape room feels real, making it one of the best scary escape rooms in the country.

User Comments:
Matt S.: “When we began, we were told to remember not to overthink things. I can’t stress this enough! Regardless of if you do “The Basement” or another escape room, your best bet for escaping is to try and not overthink.”

3. They’re Coming

Location: 4365 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230, USA
Complexity: 3/3 | Players: 2-4 | Age : +15 | Time: 60 minutes

“They’re coming” is surrealistic and similar to horror movies. You will surely be familiar with the type of scenario. What makes it so realistic is that the scenario of rising the undead happened in LA. This escape room is considered one of the best horror escape rooms in Los Angeles. 

User Comments:
Katy B.: “We are a duo who have done 20+ Escape Rooms and several other Maze Rooms locations. This is our favorite Maze Rooms location by far and up there as having some of our favorite rooms overall. Started off with They’re Coming, which we thoroughly enjoyed…”
RF.M: “We have now done all 3 rooms at this location, after just completing – and escaping from – They’re Coming on Sunday. We have done rooms at 2 of the other Maze Rooms locations and this one is BY FAR the best!!”

4. Vampire escape rooms horror

Location: 19347 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91356, USA
Complexity: 3/3 | Players: 3-8 | Age : +14 | Time: 60 minutes

If you are a fan of vampires and the Van Helsing series and movies, you’re gonna have a lot of fun in “Vampire”. The best part is, you will meet Van Helsing in his castle and he will give you instructions. After that, you are on your own! If you’re looking for one of the best horror escape rooms, look no farther than Vampire. 

User Comments:
Emily F.: “Just got done doing the vampire room it was amazing!!!! Best escape room in the valley by far we passed it but it was a challenge I would go back to Maze rooms to try out the others.”
Keith and Betty R.: “Just in time for Halloween, the new Vampire room at Maze Rooms in Tarzana is open. My family and friends have done almost all of the Maze Rooms and the Vampire Room is now one of our favorites. It is scary, atmospheric, and features some very unique and clever puzzles…”

Time to Get Scared With the Best Horror Escape Rooms in Los Angeles

Escape rooms, in general, are very popular among teenagers and young people, but horror escape rooms are especially so. Maze Rooms escape game is one of the largest manufacturers of this type of game, with several locations in LA. We hope this helped you uncover the best horror escape room!