Los Angeles is a great place to find a mini escape room. When you are looking for a mini escape room game, one of the best places to check out is Maze Escape Rooms. 


What Is A Mini Escape Room Game? 

That depends on. 

There are many different takes on what makes an escape room game “mini.” Some escape room enthusiasts say it is the number of players. Enthusiasts often call an escape room game with only two players a mini escape room. 

Others call it a shorter version of an escape room game mini. This means the time you spend in the escape room is compressed to a shorter version. For instance, you can find yourself spending between 12 – 15 minutes in the room instead of the usual 60 to 70 minutes. 

What Are The Best Mini Escape Room Ideas? 

The best mini escape room ideas are the less complicated ones. Solving complicated crimes or murder mysteries in a short time is more challenging. 

When you have never tried a mini escape room before, go for something fun such as a haunted room or a similar exciting theme. 

Advantages of A Mini Escape Room

Of course, the main advantage of a mini escape room is that you spend less time in the room. 

Looking more closely at the concept, you soon appreciate there are other advantages. If you have never used an escape room before, you can try different scenarios and find out which one you like. 

Trying different escape rooms is often great fun. It gives you a chance to test your skills. Many experienced escape room enthusiasts like to try new ideas. Perhaps they find a new escape room game they really like. 

Checking out various escape rooms is a great way of trying a game you think others may like. Perhaps you have a special event coming up. If so, you can try several mini escape room concepts before you book a longer one. 

Also, content creators who like to review escape room games often try mini escape rooms. 

Another advantage of mini escape rooms is that you save money. When you don’t have a lot of money to spend on personal entertainment, a mini escape experience offers excellent value for money. 

Where In Los Angeles Can I Find Mini Escape Rooms? 

Very few locations throughout Los Angeles offer mini escape room experiences. 

When searching for a quality mini escape room experience in Los Angeles, one of the best places to check out is Maze Rooms. 

Maze Rooms is one of the best escape room companies in Los Angeles. They offer a range of escape room experiences in various locations. 

How Many Players? 

If you would like to try a mini escape room, it is best to not make things too complicated. Limiting the number of players is the best idea. Aim to shoot for 2 – 4 players for your mini escape room experience in Los Angeles. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you book a mini escape room game or a longer game, you are going to have a great time. Remember to always book your escape room game with a quality company. That’s the best way to avoid disappointment.