Searching for the biggest escape room there is?

Often when it comes to escape rooms a lot of people default to assuming they’ll be somewhat claustrophobic experiences, after all, it is right there on the name: “Room”. So really, how large can the single biggest escape room be?

Well as you will soon find out escape rooms can be massive, and while the genre started with locked room mysteries and escape experiences in a single room or set that doesn’t mean that’s all they have to offer now. Of course, the world’s biggest escape room is bound to surprise you and any other fans, but in general escape rooms have considerably grown in scale and complexity so even the biggest escape room near me could be larger than you are expecting.

So today we won’t only answer what the biggest escape room is period, but we’ll also take a look at larger experiences you’ll be able to tackle on your own here in the States. So keep on reading to be surprised and to discover how to have new fun with the biggest escape room you can find.

What is the biggest escape room in the world?

The title of the biggest escape room in the world will be constantly be debated and eventually overtaken, but as of right now the single largest dedicated Escape Room in the world is the Diefenbunker, which contrary to what the name might make you believe is closer to us than you’d expect, since it’s located in Ontario.

This award-winning escape room is 25,000 square feet in size across a single floor and as the name implies it was a bunker, a nuclear bunker even. The Diefenbunker was originally built in the 60s in the case of a nuclear attack, but in recent times it has been repurposed as an escape room experience that pays homage to its original intent.

At the Diefenbunker there are two main experiences, but both of them play into the Cold War motif and take full advantage of the size of the construction, so be prepared to walk at length and make sure to stay in shape if you want to tackle the single biggest escape room in the world.

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What’s the biggest escape room near me?

Answering the question of what is the biggest escape room near me can be a bit hard without knowing your current location, after all, if you live in Canada for example then the closest Escape Room near you might as well be the biggest escape room period. But since we are located in Los Angeles we’ll focus on this area.

And in that case, if you are looking at expansive and immersive escape room experiences we’d like to point no further than us. At Maze Rooms we are one of the biggest escape room companies in the entire United States, and with over 17 unique experiences in Los Angeles, we are a huge part of the escape room scene in the nation. But another advantage we have is that we count on multiple locations and that means our experiences are often tailor-made both for immersion, but as well for their dimension.

We have smaller rooms, sure, but we also have larger experiences that aren’t afraid to use more than one setpiece, and if you are looking for sheer size then the Lunar Mission experience is one of our biggest. It might be the biggest in the area period, but how far it goes is something you’ll need to find for yourself.

Visit us in Los Angeles

If you are in the area or are a local looking forward to experiencing a new way to have fun then make sure to visit our escape rooms today! At Maze Rooms we have 7 separate locations in Los Angeles and over a dozen unique room experiences, so when it comes to quality, quantity, and ease of visit we simply are unmatched.