If it is your first time at escape rooms in LA, this blog will run you through a quick beginner’s guide of what to expect during your first escape game experience. However, before we start, you must know that every team that enters a specific escape room has only one target to achieve- escape the escape room within an hour.


To make your first shot at escape rooms in LA a winning experience for you, here are two key steps to take care of:


  • Assemble your Team Smartly

When you assemble your team, consider your teammates wisely. Escape rooms in LA have games that work the best for teams with 2-6 players, so ensure that you bond well with the other members of your team. When you play a maze room game, remember that good communication is key that will unlock winning steps for you, along with the ability to stay cooperative. If you have a blend of skills and perspectives, they will help you play better.

  • Choose the First Escape Room Wisely 

When you visit the best escape rooms in LA, they will present you with some locations to choose from, ranging from adventure and fantasy escape rooms to horror scenarios. While you know it is your first maze room experience at the best escape rooms in LA, you must choose a room that excites you the most. So, choose wisely. Is it the chill that runs your spine at a horror show that entices you, or do you like the idea of the desperation at being held hostage by a psychopath? Then, think smart and take your call.


Key tips to increasing your chance of escaping the room in under 60 minutes 


  • Listen to the brief – You win half of the game if you listen to the game brief carefully. Most of the time, many hinds are mentioned indirectly in the initial brief. If you hear it carefully, you will take much less time than others to solve even the most complicated puzzles.


  • Search everywhere – When you get into an escape room, don’t leave any inch of the room unsearched. Wear your zoom-in goggles and look for hints in every section of the room. It’s often the areas we least expect to have the biggest clues.


  • Work as a team – Teamwork is the spirit of winners when it comes to winning in any of the best escape rooms in LA. When you coordinate well with your team members and listen to what your mates are saying, you get a better chance of finding the clues faster and helping your time escape even the toughest of the rooms with ease.


  • Positive attitude – Last but not least, never lose hope. Put your best problem-solving tactics to work to find the missing puzzle elements, decipher visual puzzles, along with many other strategies designed to make escape rooms extremely challenging for the players. Even if you take time to discover clues, don’t give up. Keep on looking. Split up, find clues, and announce it loud to your teammates about the findings. But remember that at times the answer is right in front of you, so ensure that you don’t overcomplicate maze room games and puzzles!



Escape rooms are a perfect activity for you to play with strangers, friends, and even loved ones. It is also considered one of the most effective corporate team-building activities. So, by now, we assume you must have got an idea about how you can give your best shot as a beginner in even the best escape rooms in LA. Don’t wait. Just book your tickets in one of the most challenging and outstanding escape rooms in LA, like Maze Rooms Los Angeles. Book your tickets now. All the best.