Today’s generations have gone past the “information age” and have embraced the “experience age” when making memories and having real-life experiences are valued more than conventional products. These include traveling, attending concerts & festivals, and joining escape rooms, also known as the “escape game”.

Hollywood, and LA in general, is home to some of the most universally acclaimed films, TV shows, and video game developers in the world. But more people are now opting to experience their favorite adventures in the flesh. And escape rooms in LA are finally providing that opportunity.

Why Escape Room Games are a Must-try For all

Escape rooms in LA and across the globe are still an evolving trend and have recently become even more popular as people have begun craving unique, real-life experiences after being in lockdown for more than a year.

This is one compelling reason why escape room games have continued to attract more and more customers, first-timers and experts alike. Escape rooms are generally an enjoyable experience for all types of participants regardless of demographics and backgrounds.

Who usually joins escape rooms?

The most common are thrill-seekers looking for a challenge and eager to put their problem-solving skills to the test. Families with children are also a huge market as they are constantly in search of a fun and unique way to bond beyond the usual amusement parks and attractions in LA. Tourists are also often searching for escape rooms open in Los Angeles to check off their travel bucket list.

Some might be surprised to know that office employees are actually a considerable customer base of escape rooms in Los Angeles. Escape rooms provide both an opportunity for employees to relax and build stronger relationships through out-of-the-box team-building sessions.

The Basic Rules of the Escape Game

Most escape rooms in Los Angeles and around the world share similar mechanics and fundamentals.

Participants are given a time limit of up to 60 minutes to make them feel a rush of excitement and feel like the stakes are high. There are obstacles to overcome and puzzles to solve, although they may vary in format.

Escape rooms also generally provide difficulty levels to accommodate a wider range of participants belonging to different age groups. And most importantly, teamwork is always the key to success.

However, what sets escape rooms apart from each other is the creativity of the themes and concepts, the attention to detail in making the props, and the overall level of immersion that participants are able to feel.

Experience the Best Escape Rooms in Los Angeles

MazeRooms LA is one of the fastest-growing, must-visit escape rooms in Los Angeles.

We showcase the top-rated escape rooms in LA with over 20 themes and counting, spread across 6 locations, each with immersive backstories and interactive set designs. Participants will have to use their wit, grit, and fully commit to the experience in order to succeed!

Here are just a few of our top picks:

Family-friendly Escape Room Themes:

Spy Dogs
Magical Kingdom

Themes for More Mature Participants:

Pharaoh’s Tomb
Jack the Ripper

If you’re looking for escape rooms in Los Angeles open even on weekdays and late nights, then MazeRooms LA is for you! However, spontaneous players will have to plan out their visits and book in advance as there is a no walk-in policy.

Precautions During the Pandemic:

We prioritize your safety and wellbeing, especially in the midst of an ongoing pandemic. Rest assured that proper precautions will be enforced to prevent exposure to the virus. Rooms will be regularly disinfected and hand sanitizing stations and latex disposable gloves will be provided for all participants.