Los Angeles is a great place for a Halloween celebration. You can go on ghost tours and visit abandoned Hollywood mansions.

But, if you would like to try something different which suits both large and small groups, you should try visiting an escape room. Maze offers a range of Halloween escape room experiences in Los Angeles. Halloween is the perfect time to enjoy some escape room fun.

How Do I Find a Halloween Escape Room Near Me?

If you have not been to an escape room in Los Angeles before but would like to try one for Halloween, simply type Halloween escape room near me into your favorite search engine.

Alternative search terms include Halloween themed escape room or Halloween themed escape room near me. Before you know it, the best Halloween escape rooms will pop up.

How Do I Book A Halloween Escape Room Online?

The first thing you need to do is to decide which Halloween themed escape room experience you would like. Most companies offer a range of scary Halloween themed experiences. Maze specializes in offering the best Halloween escape rooms at a variety of locations in Los Angeles.

Most Halloween escape room puzzles last for about 60 minutes. There are different levels. You can choose between medium to hard levels

If this is your first time visiting an escape room, it is best to start at a medium level.

What Is The Best Halloween Themed Escape Room?

Many would perhaps say ghost-hunting experiences are the best for your Halloween party escape room. Before you go ahead and make your booking, think about what the others in your party would enjoy. There are many other Halloween escape room themes to choose from apart from ghost hunting.

It is important to remember that not everyone is into ghosts. You may want to consider Sherlock Holmes and the Beautiful Mind experience which offers Halloween escape room clues for you to solve.

Type in ”escape room Halloween theme near me” and a list of scary Halloween escape room ideas pop up on your screen.

Are Halloween Escape Room Okay For Kids?

There is no reason why you should not arrange an escape room Halloween party for your kids. Just make sure that you choose the right party for the age group.

Also, you need to be aware a responsible adult needs to accompany minors to the escape room. Most themed Halloween escape room parties for kids are enjoyed by adults.

When you are not sure what escape room party is the right one for your kids, it is best to contact the company. The team at Maze Escape Rooms in Los Angeles are more than happy to help you find the right escape room.

How Many People Can Take Part?

All escape room themes vary. There are some which are suitable for larger parties and other escape room experiences meant for two persons.

Count the number of people that would like to go and take a look at the parties available. If there are only two of you, you may want to check out the Abyss Escape Room. This is a medium level experience suited for two people.

Halloween Date Night

Finding a theme for a Halloween date is not always easy. Yes, it is nice to go out for dinner and have a blood-curdling velvet cake for dessert.

On occasion, it is nice to try something different. Many Halloween escape room themes are perfect for a romantic date. You could try rescuing your wife or girlfriend from the Dragon’s Lair or help her escape from Pharaoh’s tomb.

The choice of suitable themes for Halloween escape room puzzles for two is pretty endless.

Final Thoughts

Booking a Halloween escape experience online is easy.

Make a note of the search term ”escape room Halloween near me.” You never know when you will need it.

Halloween escape room experiences are great not only for Halloween dates. If you run an LA-based business, why not treat your staff to a Halloween escape room party in Los Angeles?

Escape rooms are great for team building and letting your employees enjoy themselves. Check out Maze Escape Rooms online to find out more. You can book online or by giving your nearest escape room location a call.