There’s something strangely satisfying about searching a room for clues, deciphering keys, solving puzzles, and working as a team to achieve something. These rooms feel even more impressive when played with a large group of participants. Escape rooms LA have become more creative, fun-centric, and sophisticated than ever to entertain groups of beginners and sleuths.

If escape rooms for 10 people are something that you have been striving to visit, your search ends today. The multi-location Maze Rooms Los Angeles has rooms and themes with different challenge levels for everyone. They have the best solo, small, and large escape rooms LA and are always geared for return visitors and escape fanatics with their diverse rooms.

Visiting an escape room has become more enticing than ever, with stress becoming very common today. Different people have different ways of dealing with stress, and to be honest, nobody wants to visit a counsellor, and most people hesitate to talk about their mental health. Maze rooms in LA make the perfect place for such people to visit to deal with work stress and emotional instability. These rooms make an incredible stress reliever, while they teach a lot of skills in a fun manner.

Escape rooms are generally designed to accommodate only 4-6 players at a time. But if you have a large group of friends wanting to participate in the escape room together, Mage games make an exciting option. Maze Rooms has the perfect 10 people escape rooms to experience with your large group of friends, family, or colleagues.

Maze Rooms have one-of-a-kind escape rooms. Some of them are:

Sky Odyssey for 4-10 participants 

Mount Olympus is under siege, and only the participants can save it. In this room, a hot air balloon ride takes a wrong turn, and you reach Ancient Greece, where there is a war between Greek Gods and Titans. Embark on an adventure through the world of Greek mythology in Sky Odyssey escape room.

World Of Illusions for 2-8 players 

In the world of illusions maze room game, you get trapped and find yourself in an alternate universe full of strangeness and illusions. Nothing around you is real. Whatever you look around might appear to be real but are all illusions. You must play vigilantly to avoid getting deceived and entrapped further in this world of illusions. The only way out of this Topsy turvy world of magic and mystery is to learn the great wizard secrets and cast your spells.

Magic Kingdom for 2 to 6 players 

The Tree of Life is dying; only the participants can save it. The Magic Kingdom room is where anything is possible, and magic is real. Be a part of this fairytale adventure and do all in your capabilities to save the Magic Kingdom before time runs out and the magic disappears. This maze escape game in LA is a mesmerizing adventure to captivate children and adults.

Vampire Escape Room for 3-8 players 

Dance is approaching as the vampire is about to wake up, and the participants must prevent disaster. In this scary game, you and your team are Vampire Hunters, Van Helsing needs your help to kill a powerful Vampire. He will meet you in his Castle and will give you instructions. Vampire Escape Room brings a hard-level difficulty experience that includes the most high-tech puzzles in San Fernando Valley.

What’s Next?

What are you waiting for? Explore the wide range of escape room theme options at Maze Rooms and book your tickets in one of the best escape rooms LA. They have some fantastic escape rooms for 10 people, which you can enjoy in a large group. Whether you want to play solo or in a large group, Maze Rooms in LA has options for all kinds of people. Get started now.