How to get ready for the quest?

A real-life escape quest is a team game, the participants of which must complete a specific mission: escape from a room, find an object, free a prisoner, and the like. Since the quest follows a plot, players can assume the role of any character and plunge into the atmosphere of a movie or book.

Quest rooms have been around a long time ago. At first, they were computer puzzle games where the player controlled a virtual character. After that, the quests migrated from the computer to real life.

Over time, various genres and types of quests began to appear. For example, horror quests, which are currently the most popular, action games, mystical quests and many others. The most interesting quest genre is the performance quest. First of all, performance quests involve the presence of actors who will interfere or help to complete the quest. The purpose of such a quest is to evoke as many emotions as possible from the players.

Many people have their favorite thrillers, horror films, or detective stories. Surely everyone has thought about how cool it would be to become a participant in a similar setting. As a matter of fact, real-life escape quests give us such an opportunity.

There are many genres of quests, it all depends on your preferences. If you want to tickle your nerves or meet a maniac, a horror quest  is an excellent choice. Or, for example, if you like solving riddles, it is better to choose a detective quest  where you can definitely emulate Mr. Holmes’s deductive method.

How to prepare for a real-life escape quest

Find the right company

The key to good rest is the right company. Of course, it is best to go on a quest with friends, because with them you can have fun from the heart!

Wear comfortable clothes

If the quest involves rushing from room to room, crawling on the floor, and the like, it will hardly be convenient to do this in a dress or sandals. It is best to wear comfortable clothes that will not hinder your movements.

Be Careful

If a quest requires you to solve a riddle, listen carefully and remember everything that was mentioned in the backstory and what the actors say because the devil is in the details, as well as the solution to the puzzle.

Don’t be late

This is a common rule that, for some reason, many people ignore. Try to come beforehand so as not to disrupt your plans and ruin your mood.

Choose the right quest

Choose a quest according to your interests, but not to the detriment of your friends from the team. If your friend doesn’t like riddles or is afraid of characters from horror movies, you shouldn’t go on horror quests. With a huge variety of genres, you will definitely find something that will appeal to both you and your friends. The search for a suitable quest will be facilitated by the Maze Rooms website, where you can choose the quest room you like, book the day and time in advance.

Don’t drink before the quest

Do not forget that visiting quests while intoxicated is prohibited. You will simply not be allowed in, and in this case, your plans will be ruined.

Are you ready to find the key and get out of the room?

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