Escape Rooms are like anything else bound to see trends, fads, hypes, and so on. But one recurring question we keep hearing from our players is if there is a mafia escape room boom going on. 

“Are you going to jump in too?”

“Is Something’s Out There a mafia escape game?”

“What can you comment on the recent mafia room escape craze?”

“Do you offer takeout?”

The last one might not be relevant, but we swear it did happen.

So, with that in mind, we wanted to take some time to answer all your questions and take a look at what we think about the latest mafia heist escape room tendency and what’s our stance on it. This means that we have to first and foremost answer if we think there’s an escape game mafia boom in this past year… 


See, the thing with any industry is that confirmation bias plays a large role. And by that, we mean that we all see a small fraction of reality, but that colors the way we look at the whole of reality. See, when we started hearing questions from you about the room escape mafia boom we were a bit confused because we hadn’t heard of it at all!

So we took to the task of researching in depth, and while there’s no denying that there are quite a few new games with this genre over the nation it’s not the main trend or necessarily that widespread. So if you’ve been hearing a lot about it that probably just speaks for how well-received those few games are, more than a major shift in focus regarding the industry.



What makes a mafia heist escape room?

When it comes to mafia it’s all about the boardwalk aesthetic, isn’t it? You can just picture the feeling of the piers, the dark and cloudy nights, and of course those bowl hats, you can’t miss the bowl hats.

Mafia is first and foremost an aesthetic genre, and it speaks to how escape rooms live and die through the visual elements that designers add to each experience. Escape rooms don’t just offer puzzle solving, otherwise, we’d be a little beyond a minigame compilation. We create visual experiences that players can immerse themselves into and of course, a strong and clear cohesive visual style goes a long way to provide that.


What mafia escape game experiences do we offer at Maze Rooms?

If you want to live the Mafia experience with us, well, first of all we are flattered, and second of all we actually have a pretty good selection of rooms to choose from all with their own unique takes on the genre and their personal styles, so why not explore each one of them on at a time?

  • Tombstone: Part Mafia, part Cowboy, Tombstone is the definition of a period era escape room and one of our favorite picks for people who like to dress up for a game and roleplay to their heart content. Organized crime, guns, action, it has all the staples while also fulfilling the cowboy fantasy as well!


  • Whatever Happened to the Garrets: We like to think that the Garrets portrays the realistic horror of day-to-day life in a way other rooms do, and it all comes down to how down to earth the whole experience. In the Garrets you’ll be investigating the disappearance of a family in the 80s, and each new and chilling discovery will redefine how you see escape room horror, because sometimes it’s the stories that can be real that really shook you to the core.


  • One Way Ticket: Is there anything out there that represents sophistication and allure the way a period train ride does? One Way Ticket is a classic locked room mystery in the vein of Agatha Christie with all the larger than life personalities and influences that means, which of course includes our pesky and memorable mafia foes one more time.


  • Sherlock Holmes & Beautiful Mind: Can you solve the mafia hit on Sherlock Holmes all on your own? The premise of Beautiful Mind is simple yet fascinating in it’s execution, Sherlock Holmes was poisoned, however being the detective genius he is he was fully aware that this was going to happen and is now waging a war on his mind to find the medicine and the culprit. All the pieces are there, and it’s up to you to enter his inner mind to unite all the pieces in this classic and breathtaking game experience.



Visit us in Los Angeles

In you want to check our rooms and are in Los Angeles then you are in good luck, and just to add to it we are open almost every day of the year as well! You can book your upcoming visit to any of our unique and beloved escape rooms right here on the site. So if you are interested at all in checking our games there’s zero hassle involved it’s as easy as it comes. 

So with all of that said and cleared up, make sure to book us soon and we are looking forward to seeing you soon! Maze Rooms has an escape room for everybody, and your new favorite is waiting here in Los Angeles.