The traction for escape rooms has grown significantly over the years. There are some of the best escape rooms in LA. For example, Maze Rooms Los Angeles offers the best adventures to players while improving their overall health and wellbeing. They focus on providing the most immersive and exciting escape room experience found anywhere in Los Angeles.

Escape rooms maze puzzles are not just about fun, as they bring along many health benefits for the players. In this blog, we will run you through some of such benefits, starting with:

Improves Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills include things like the coordination between your hand and eye and spatial awareness. Escape room maze puzzles have been shown to enhance these skills. From the time we take birth, our awareness and knowledge of the world around us comes from our experiences and grows daily, with certain things helping this grow faster. These escape room puzzles can rapidly enhance these fine motor skills.

Better communication and social skills

The best escape rooms in LA force you to work together in a team, which means communication is the key to winning. Players struggle in an escape room if they don’t know how to communicate well with their team members, and this is also why escape rooms are known to be such a popular team-building activity. They put players in a spot wherein they must work in a team properly, and communicate well to solve the escape room maze puzzle.

Lifts Mood Instantly

Escape rooms are known as the drivers of dopamine released into the brain. When a player completes challenges and solves maze puzzles, it leads to small dopamine releases, helping them feel rejuvenated, energized, and less fatigued.

Enhanced Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills include walking, jumping, balance, and escape, which are known to improve these skills. The best escape rooms in LA have escape room maze puzzles that demand physical activity, which enhances the players’ gross motor skills.

Recommended Physical Exercise

It is recommended that you must do moderate to intense physical activity for at least 30-minutes every day. Guess what, an escape room doubles this without letting you feel it. Furthermore, if you are playing in an escape room properly, there are high chances that you will be roaming around, exploring the low and high, and keeping your heart rate up for long periods. In short, escape rooms do wonders for your physical health as well.

Improved Memory

Challenges, puzzles, and riddles are a great way to improve your memory. Like Sudoku and other brain training exercises, escape rooms give your brain a fantastic workout. Escape room maze puzzles use language, symbols, and codes, which are particularly good at enhancing memory skills. In addition, many escape rooms demand memory retention, as players are required to recall cues they have seen in the room or remember interactions done earlier in the game, which is highly known to increase your memory capacity.

Now that you know escape rooms can be perfect for your overall wellbeing, you must consider the best escape rooms in LA. Reach out to Maze Rooms Los Angeles now.