At Maze Rooms we take pride in being the face of the escape room scene in Los Angeles with well over a dozen games, 7 unique locations, and reviews and recommendations all over the internet we have a little bit of everything for everyone, and that will always be our commitment no matter how many years pass or how many more escape rooms we add to our catalog.

However at Maze Rooms, we are also escape room enthusiasts ourselves, and that means that when a new hot room comes into the picture we can’t help but grow excited about it too. So today we want to take a look at the lab rat escape room experience and share with you what we thought during our visit to this “rat race”.


Explaining the lab rat escape room


There are a lot of angles to tackle the lab rats escape room and we feel that due to the trajectory of their team, we should start at the very beginning: The people involved.

Lab rat escape room Los Angeles is a game by Hatch, which means that attention to detail comes first and foremost. Each room in their catalog has high production values, has been scripted by professional writers, and in general is done to the utmost detail. It’s why their selection is so reduced too, but it’s a commendable effort and one we understand as we too believe escape rooms are art.

So with the credential out of the way, what is rat lab escape room escape about? Well as the name implies it is about a rat lab, except the rats are the scientists and humans are the test animals. A simple twist on the genre? Sure. Absolutely crazy premise at the same time? You bet.


Our lab rat escape room review


We had a pretty good idea of what to expect with Hatch and lab rat escape room was no exception. The first thing that stands out is the sheer attention to detail that you can perceive even in the small details. Proper immersion is a huge deal, but with lab rat escape room in LA, even small posters and day-to-day products have been reinvented and redesigned to fit this narrative where other mammals run the world. You will believe the premise, and that’s the highest praise any escape room can receive. 

As for the puzzles they are also really fun. Don’t mistake us, immersion is 100% the real star of the show here, but the puzzles are in their own right a good challenge and will make for a fun time. So overall we can wrap up our lab rat escape room review positively. 


Can I play lab rat escape room in Los Angeles?


Yep! Lab Rat (and Hatch as a whole) is located here in Los Angeles so if you are in the area it’s a simple enough visit. Booking can be a bit tight however, what with the limited number of rooms Hatch has compared to their overall popularity, so it’s probably a good idea to plan this escape room ahead of time and in the meantime, if you feel the need to tackle more adventures just make sure to visit us at Maze Rooms where we offer both quality and quantity alike.