Escape rooms are a great way to have fun with family, friends, or co-workers and one of the best ways to bring more fun and an unforgettable experience is to include escape room riddles. 

Today, we will be looking at some great riddle escape room ideas as well as sample some escape room riddles and answers. We will also look at what good escape room riddles look like and how to come up with the best riddles for an escape room. 

Let’s get started: 


Escape Room Riddle Ideas 

There are literally endless escape room riddle ideas out there to add a layer of pure fun to your escape room experience. Here are our top three ideas: 

  • Use enigma riddles: An enigma riddle is one that heavily uses similies and metaphors to paint a picture. For instance, 

I come in different sizes and shapes. Parts of me are curved while others are straight. You can put me anywhere, but there’s only one right place for me. What am I? (Jigsaw puzzle piece) 

  • Have some conundrum riddles: Conundrum riddles are challenging and make very good escape room riddles as they rely on double meanings, tricky wordplay, and puns. These riddles feel more like jokes and answers are often unexpected. Example:

 All types of trees are useful, but what kind of tree is most handy? (Palm tree) 

  • Try observational riddles: These types of riddles will present you with a certain scenario with details meant to distract you from the most important detail that will help you find the solution. 

Escape Room Riddles and Answers 

 Now that you have three great escape room riddle ideas, let’s have a look at a few more escape room riddles and answers: 

  • There is a circle house on a big hill. A man is killed inside the house. The house staff have alibis. Gef was out taking care of the swallows, John was mopping in the corners, Alice was mowing outside, and Jane was herding the sheep. Which of the staff members committed the murder? 

Solution: John. Since the house is circular, he couldn’t have been mopping the corners. 

  • I have three eyes. When I open my red one, no one is allowed to go. What am I? 

Solution: A traffic light 

  • What insect does a blacksmith make? 

Solution: He manufactures the Firefly 

  • The following sentence is false, but the preceding one is true. Are these two sentences false or true? 

Solution: Neither. It is a paradox since if the first sentence is true, the second sentence must be false. That makes the first false. 


Best Escape Room Riddles 

We have established that using riddles in your escape room games is definitely among the best ways to have a great experience, but what should the best escape room riddles look like? 

The best escape the room riddles should neither be too difficult nor too easy. At least a few people should be able to solve the riddles. You do not want to have riddles that are too difficult as the players may easily get burnt out and bored. Also, riddles for escape that are too easy means everyone is going to solve them quickly – there is no fun in that, right? 


Good Escape Room Riddles 

There are several good riddles for an escape out there, but how you use them may be the difference between a good and bad escape room experience. 

Here is a pro tip to turn any riddle into a good escape room riddle: Transform the riddle into a unique puzzle. One way to do this is to use the escape room riddle answer as a passcode or passphrase for, say, an alphabetic lock or a door. You can also use the riddle as a clue. For instance, you can leave a riddle on a wall to help the players connect coded messages with the required key(s) for the escape room riddle room.


Craft Your Escape a Room Riddle  

Can’t find any unique escape room riddles? Why not craft your unique riddles? There are several escape a room riddle craft tools online you can use today to get as many unique riddles as you wish. And if you are looking for the best escape rooms to have with your friends and family, check out our awesome collection of escape rooms and get an immersive fun experience today.