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Vampire is about to wake up… we need to prevent disaster!

Approaching danger in face of Vampire is awaiting you in his mansion that located at Maze Escape Rooms in TarzanaVampire Escape Room, brings you to the hard level difficulty experience that includes the most high tech puzzles in San Fernando Valley. Imagine your team as one of the best Vampire hunters in the world and Van Helsing asks for your helping hand in this terrific situation.

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A very very long time ago, when Transylvania was peaceful small region in Romania, where people was doing their jobs on the fields and birds were flying, he showed up. The most powerful Vampire as the world seen so far and disaster has begun. After endless fight with Transylvanian peasants, Vampire lost all his power. It was a huge loss for population of Transylvania, a lot of blood was spilled. Desired rest supposed to take whole decade, which was peaceful time for everyone, but unfortunately that time has ended.

A hundred years later recent news about soon Vampire wake up shocked every Transylvanian dweller. People got scared, because they still remember what happened a hundred years ago.  Fortunately, for them, famous monster slayer Van Helsing had a plan of killing this horrible creature. He decided to get right inside Vampire’s mansion and kill him right at the spot of his recreation. Obviously, assassination of this powerful Vampire takes a lot of energy that Van Helsing himself does not possess. Now, it is your turn to help him.

Prepare yourself for secret entry in depths of Vampire’s residence in which fearful voices are literally seeping through the walls. Along the way you will meet dazzling real puzzles that reliably secruing Vampire from disturbance. Will you be able to solve them in order to kill the Vampire and consequently save thousand of lives from his insatiable lust for bloodshed? Who knows if you are follower of notable Van Helsing? Check it out by playing Vampire Escape Room in Tarzana! It is great choice for big groups of people because this Escape Room is pretty big and can fit up to eight people at the same time.

Vampire escape room near me

Looking for a thrilling and immersive experience in Los Angeles? Search no more! The newly opened Vampire escape room offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to enter a vampire's lair and try to escape within 60 minutes. Located conveniently close in Tarzana, it provides spine-tingling entertainment for 3 to 8 brave souls. With hard difficulty puzzles and a rich story created with the help of the best horror escape room vampire themed escape room tips, it is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Book your tickets now for just $37 per person!

Vampire escape room in los Angeles

Upon stepping into the dimly lit castle, you will be greeted by the famous vampire hunter Van Helsing. He urgently requires the help of your team to slay a powerful vampire who is about to awaken. Having prepared the plans and weapons, Van Helsing will brief you on your mission to search the vampire's mansion and activate all the ancient mechanisms needed to eliminate this dangerous immortal creature. It is a race against time - if you fail to destroy the mechanisms before the vampire wakes up, you will be his next victims. As elite vampire hunters, do you dare accept this deadly challenge?

With an immersive Gothic aesthetic and state-of-the-art technology, Vampire escape room offers a truly exhilarating experience perfect for brave thrill-seekers in Los Angeles. Located at Maze Escape Rooms in Tarzana, it features escape game vampire themed puzzles created with input from horror escape room experts to maximize scare factor vampire escape room near me. As you scramble to unlock one terrifying clue after another, an impending sense of supernatural danger builds. Strange noises, ghostly apparitions and puzzling mechanisms will challenge your wits and courage. Work closely with your team, using each hunter's unique skills - the vampire's lair holds secrets for those clever enough to uncover them. Just be cautious to not fall for the mansion's deceptions and traps!

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At Vampire Escape Room, your task is to explore the vampire's cobweb-filled mansion, unlocking one cryptic clue after another to reveal the steps needed to destroy this lethal blood-drinking immortal. As elite vampire slayers, Van Helsing seeks your aid in this crucial mission escape room vampire. Should you fail to eliminate the vampire before he fully awakens, he will be unleashed into the world, free to feed mercilessly!

Vampire themes are popular for good reason - the gothic aesthetic combined with supernatural danger makes for an irresistibly chilling atmosphere escape from vampire- room escape. Escape room developers first started experimenting with vampiric concepts, realizing their fantastic potential to create suspense and a thrilling sense of dread. The Vampire escape room in Tarzana fuses rich theming with cleverly designed puzzles escape from vampire - room escape to maximize excitement and unpredictability. Who knows what you might find in the decrepit castle's forbidden rooms? Ancient artifacts, strange contraptions, eerie sounds...be prepared for hairs raised and goosebumps! Of course, a generous splash of blood completes the experience for any vampire-themed attraction. Just hope it isn't your own!

Built on expert recommendations vampire themed escape room tips, Vampire escape room incorporates Hollywood production design into an interactive game format perfect for friends, coworkers and anyone seeking an unforgettable night out the escape room vampire. While participants must sign a waiver, the experience itself is perfectly safe - aside from potential frights! Some report leaving the vampire mansionfeeling years younger from the rejuvenating thrill. So whether you fancy yourself an adventurer, mystery-solver or vampire slayer, book your team's tickets today. Just 60 minutes stand between your survival...or becoming the vampire's next anguished victim!

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Escape from the vampire room

In addition to the hard-level Vampire room, Maze Escape Rooms in Tarzana vampire escape room Los Angeles offers two other popular escape room options: Pirate Bay and Lord of the Swords. Groups seeking a swashbuckling maritime adventure can take on Pirate Bay. This challenging room tasks teams with finding the legendary captain's hidden treasure, following clues and puzzles hidden throughout a stunningly detailed pirate ship interior. Up to 6 people can join this exciting quest.

For those who enjoy medieval tales and ancient artifacts, Lord of the Swords offers a medium difficulty experience set in a castle chamber overflowing with weapons, odd contraptions and cryptic clues. Using deductive reasoning, 2 to 6 participants must cooperate to unlock the Lord of Swords' secrets and complete their mission within the 60-minute time limit.

Each uniquely themed room provides an immersive Hollywood-style backdrop for escaping entertaining perils by cooperating as a team. From sinister vampires to stolen pirate gold escape game vampire themed to hidden sword techniques, Maze Escape Rooms offer engrossing adventures certain to quicken your pulse vampire escape game Los Angeles!

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At Maze Escape Rooms Tarzana, our dedicated staff provides exceptional customer service, from promptly answering escape from vampire- room escape booking inquiries to greeting guests as they embark on fantastical adventures. We aim to make every visit enjoyable, exciting and free of hassles - leave the puzzles to the rooms! Feedback and reviews show our attention to detail dramatically enhances visiting groups' experiences.

For large groups, team building events or celebrations, our Sales Coordinator helps plan private bookings outside normal hours, sometimes catering to 50+ attendees with multiple rooms reserved concurrently escape room vampire. Our customizable offerings mean birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties or corporate team building exercises can become an unforgettable blast in atmospheric rooms fueled by the thrill of cracking elaborate puzzles.

Contact us anytime to begin your escape room adventure, gather more vampire escape room near me details or discuss booking special events. Our flexible rooms and hospitality make us the perfect partner for offsite meetings, private parties hosting up to 130 guests or realizing immersive concepts for film/TV productions. Bring your vision to life or enjoy one of ours - the choice and thrilling experience await at Maze Escape Rooms Tarzana!

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