Today, the Star Wars Escape Room in Los Angeles is becoming more and more popular. Such a high interest in the quest is due to interactivity, a cool plot and an individual role during the escape. Everyone can choose the side they want to defend: either the light side or the dark side.

While you are deciding which side you want to be on, in today’s article we will present you a Star Wars Themed Escape Room review. We will reveal to you the important positive and negative aspects of this quest so that you can have a better understanding of this escape room.

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What are the key advantages of the Star Wars Escape Room?

After visiting the Star Wars Themed Escape Room, you may be pleasantly surprised by the following main things:

1) Fascinating room decor

Taking the first step into the Star Wars Escape Room, you can forget about the existence of the real world. The high-quality decorations of this room leave visitors with only a “wow” impression. Also, to create a more exciting atmosphere of passing the quest, you can hear sound effects and also see various special effects. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

2) Immersion in history

To better understand the essence of the quest and successfully cope with the tasks of escaping from Star Wars Escape Room, you can be told an interesting background story related to the fictional world of this room. Also, during the quest, you can receive useful information related to the important history of the characters of the saga or the event.

3) A reminder of the day spent

To consolidate positive impressions from the quest, you have the opportunity to: 1) purchase exclusive souvenirs; and 2) get a photo memory of the day. You can choose what you want more and go home not empty-handed after visiting the escape room.

What are the negative aspects of a Star Wars Themed Escape Room?

Everything has two sides: positive and negative. The same goes for escape rooms, and Star Wars Escape Room is no exception. Here are some of the main things that can ruin your mood before or during your visit to this quest room:

1) Age or health restrictions

Some Star Wars Themed Escape Rooms may have age or health restrictions. Therefore, if you do not meet the specific requirements of the rooms, then you will not be able to attend such a quest. And also pay attention to your health. If you have problems with a cramped room, darkness, unexpected effects of sounds or movements in the room, then your visit to such a room may turn out to be not positive, but more stressful.

2) The total cost of the ticket

Since the Star Wars Escape Room is equipped with modern technologies and has high-quality decorations that are no different from reality, the total cost of such a ticket in Los Angeles can be quite high. You will need to pay an entrance fee of around $30 to $45 per person. The price may also depend on the level of complexity and the number of participants. Therefore, if you want to visit the Star Wars Themed Escape Room near me, you should be prepared for a high fee for the ticket.

3) Game difficulty

For some, Star Wars Escape Room may become too difficult because of the tasks to complete. In addition to this, all participants in the quest have a limited time to escape from the room, so if some tasks are difficult for someone, this can lead to stress and negative emotions from the quest.

Let’s summarize

We’ve shown you the main aspects of Star Wars Escape Room, but we don’t know if you’ll actually like this room. Why? Because we cannot measure your personal experience, it is personal, so it is a unique and incomparable experience. Only you can “put all the puzzles together” and understand whether it suits you.

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