When it comes to horror fans it’s all about finding that new high point, and at times it can be hard to do so if you rely solely on movies. We love scary movies, they are a cornerstone of our culture and the history of art as well, but there is a set number of horror films every year, and it’s not like every single one is the next It.

So what can you opt for if you are still looking for those thrills and your Netflix playlist has already been scoured from top to bottom? Well, if horror won’t come to your house, why don’t you go out looking for said horror yourself? Ever heard of escape rooms? If not then what you need to know is that they are interactive experiences based on a wide variety of motifs, and horror films are of course one of them.

So why not test your bravery and find out how well you’d do compared to the average horror movie protagonist? It’s all too easy to say horror movie characters are too dumb for their own sake, but now you can test how you’d do in their shoes. All you need is to visit Maze Rooms in Los Angeles and let us help you discover a brand new way to enjoy horror.

Are all escape rooms in Los Angeles scary?

Before we go any further it’s a good idea to set some ground rules and answer the number one question most of you likely are having right now. Are all escape rooms scary?

The straight answer in this case is no, not all escape rooms are horror-themed. The name for the genre itself comes from the fact that your main objective is usually leaving a room, so that’s where the escape angle comes from. but there are escape rooms that are not scary.

The appeal of escape rooms is just how versatile of a platform they are, as you can make an escape room about almost anything. For example, at Maze Rooms we have a Sherlock mystery, a Spy thriller, and even Sci-Fi escape rooms all over LA. The format is incredibly versatile and you’ll likely have a blast no matter where your interests lie.

That said since escape rooms are usually on a timer and they require you to make an active effort to overcome them they are also almost always universally thrilling and that’s a perfect match for horror. So if you ask us if are escape rooms scary, well no, not all of them are, but it’s very easy for them to turn into the scare of your life with the right motif and set design.

the abyss escape room

What escape rooms are scary in Los Angeles?

For the sake of all of you horror aficionados reading us out there, we are going to answer what escape rooms are scary in Los Angeles. Of course, Los Angeles is a big city so not all of these might be in your immediate vicinity, but as we count with 7 different locations in LA, you’ll be able to find a scary escape room bay area, Highland Avenue, or a place closer to your residence.

If you want our first and foremost horror experience then you have to try out the “They’re Coming” room. Designed after zombie movies this escape room has a lot of unique elements that make it a treat both to horror fans and general audiences. First and foremost zombies are of course a universal concept, and even if you think you are “above” them by now, we assure you it’ll hit differently once you are experiencing it live.

However on top of that They’re Coming is a very interesting experience because it offers an inverse of the traditional gameplay element of escape rooms, after all, your priority is to make sure zombies don’t come into the room, and that means the entire experience has shifted completely.

If you are a fan of psychological horror and proper mysteries then “Whatever Happened to the Garrets” is perfect for you. In this experience, you’ll be exploring an abandoned house that belonged to a family that seemingly disappeared out of thin air. The narrative focus means that you’ll get immersed in the plot immediately, and the answers you seek make this one of the most chilling games in the entire LA area.

Whatever Happened To The Garretts

And if those aren’t enough thrills for you, the team at Maze Rooms is happy to announce that we’ll be debuting a new horror experience “Something’s Out There” very soon, so you should keep on checking our site to find out when our next adventure will be releasing.