Since the conception and emergence of escape rooms around the world, both enthusiasts and casual participants have been on the search for the best quest rooms available. Not only has the competition become much tighter, but the quality and level of immersion have gradually been elevated through the years.

Nowadays, most companies will claim to offer the best escape room games you have yet to experience. But what makes an escape room the “best”, or at the very least, a cut above the rest?

The Qualities of a Great Escape Room

Escape rooms in general offer a sense of mystery and adventure for their participants. They are expected to be fun and challenging for the participants at the very least, to make the experience worthwhile. But only the best escape games can transport you to a different world with the level of creativity and immersion that the room can offer.

Here are 5 qualities of a truly great escape room:


What do the best films, TV shows, video games, and literature all have the same? They all tell a good and compelling story. Escape rooms attempt to achieve the same level of storytelling as an instrument to elevate the participants’ level of immersion. Whether it be through the compelling backstory or memorable characters, the best escape rooms are able to singlehandedly set the stage with truly unique and well-written narratives.


The best escape games studios showcase meticulously crafted design elements which include props, costumes, audiovisual effects, and the overall ambiance of the surroundings. When all the elements are collectively well-designed and organically fit together, that is when an escape room is able to blur the lines between fantasy and reality and truly suspend one’s disbelief.


With the story said and the stage set, the next and one of the most important facets that could make or break an escape room are the clues and puzzles. Do the clues motivate curiosity or evoke strong emotions that make a participant crave more? Are the puzzles crafted with the right balance of fun and challenging without being repetitive and still remaining relevant to the theme of the escape room? The best escape rooms recognize the crucial role of puzzles and clues in the overall experience.


Storytelling, design elements, and puzzles would not mean anything without the overall theme of the escape room. Great escape rooms refuse to become a one-trick pony and are able to keep the participants’ imaginations alive and active through consistent innovations and new concepts. The possibilities are truly limitless as you can roleplay as a superhero, secret agent, wizard, vampire-slayer, treasure hunter, pirate, prisoner, and so much more.

Maze Rooms’ USA Today’s 10 Best Escape Rooms Nomination

With over 2,000 escape rooms in the USA and 50,000 worldwide, we were beyond proud and grateful to have been nominated by USA Today as one of the 20 best escape rooms in the country in August of 2021.

However, our mission is not to be the best but to consistently offer the best experience to our guests while continuously innovating fresh and new concepts.

We’re at the forefront of the latest generation of escape games – each of our adventures interweaves technology and practical design elements into both our puzzles and storytelling to create immersive experiences for any occasion.

We showcase the top-rated escape rooms in LA with over 20 themes and counting, spread across 7 locations. Our 7 Maze Rooms branches are situated at the following locations: Highland Avenue, LAX, Robertson Blvd, Santa Monica Blvd, Sepulveda Blvd, Ventura Blvd, Vermont Ave. Book an escape room at Maze Rooms today!