Looking for the scariest escape room in Los Angeles? If you like scary escape room games, Maze Rooms is the best place to visit. 

Maze Escape Rooms locations are dotted right across Los Angeles. To find a Maze Room, type in “scariest escape room near me” in your favorite search engine. Your local Maze location soon pops up. 


Must-Have’s In The Scariest Escape Escape Room Games 

When it comes to the scariest escape room games, you should look for these essential ingredients: 

  • Fear psychology
  • Suspense
  • Effects
  • Theme

If you have ever visited a scary escape room, you know fear psychology is an essential component. Without that, no matter how scary the setting is, even the scariest escape room seems much less frightening. 

Fear psychology is what gets our blood pumping and produces a blood-curdling scream or two. Throw suspense into the mixture and you have a winning combination. 

Needless to say, the effects and the theme have a huge role to play in the scariest escape rooms. 

What Is The Scariest Escape Room? 

What are you scared of? When you are booking a scary escape room experience in Los Angeles, make a short list of all of the things that scare you. 

Sit back and think about what makes this the scariest escape room in Los Angeles. You also need to take into consideration if the things that scare you scare others. It is no good booking a scary escape room which only scares you.

The scariest escape room should scare the others in your party as well. 

Scariest Escape Room Near Me

Once you have found the scariest escape rooms, find out how many of your friends and colleagues like to go. 

The number of players can vary from 2 to 10. Don’t forget to check the time. How much time do you have? 

If you are pushed for time, you can try mini escape room experiences. But, it is fair to say you probably get more out of a longer experience. One of the scariest escape room experiences at Maze Rooms lasts 70 minutes. 

The Most Scariest Escape Room in Los Angeles

What is the scariest escape room Maze Rooms offer? This all depends on what you call scary. Not all of us are freaked out by vampires and aliens!

When it comes to Maze Rooms, you are spoiled for choice as far as the scariest escape rooms go. You can choose between haunted escape rooms and space-themed escape rooms. 

If you like scary space-themed escape rooms, the scariest escape room you can try is Area 51. This room really does make you wonder what goes on at Area 51 – especially when you remember Area 51 is not located a million miles away from Los Angeles. 

Men in Suits is another space-themed scary escape room found at Maze Rooms. Staying with this theme, you have also got the Lunar Mission Escape Room. 

More Scary Escape Rooms in Los Angeles

The list of the scariest escape rooms at Maze is pretty endless. 

Vampire enthusiasts will love the Vampire Escape Room. Expect many blood-curdling screams in this room

History buffs will find the Jack the Ripper escape room hard to resist. This room is not only scary. You also get the opportunity to try to solve this historic murder mystery. 

Do you like dragons? If so, the Dragon’s Lair is the perfect escape room for you. This is a medium game which is great for newbies, but more experienced escape room fans will also love it. 

 A 60-minute escape for 2 players is the Abyss Escape Room experience. You need to put your thinking cap on for this one, but it is also scary. Can you handle being trapped in the abyss? 

If you like ancient mysteries, the Pharaoh’s Tomb is the right choice for you. This is a 60-minute experience for 2 to 8 people. Perfect for a party and very exciting. 

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt about it- Maze Rooms has the best scariest escape rooms in Los Angeles. Making a reservation or finding out more information is easy. 

Simply pick up the phone and give the friendly team at Maze Rooms a call. Alternatively, you can send them an email to find out what scary escape room game is right for you.