For our team at Maze Rooms, it’s a pride and a commitment to say we are one of the most important faces of the industry not only in Los Angeles but in the country as a whole. Years of experience and well over 20 games under our belt have allowed us to see the genre grow, and change and help define the path it takes with every new room we release. However, just because we like to think we are ahead of the time, that doesn’t mean we don’t look at other games from time to time.

To be a good escape room developer you have to be an escape room fan period, and this means playing other rooms ourselves too! So for today, we want to share with you our the elevator shaft escape room review! The elevator shaft escape room is a fairly big name on the internet right now, and who better to guide you around it than a team of people dedicated to escape rooms themselves?


What is the elevator shaft escape room?


Brought to us by The Basement the elevator shaft escape room is an escape room horror-themed experience that places you in well, an elevator shaft. We think that the best way to convey the mood and feeling of an escape room elevator shaft is to compare it to modern internet horror, particularly in the vein of The Backrooms. It’s the kind of experience where expectation plays a large role, and seeing believable settings turn dilapidated or slightly askew is an effective way of handling horror.

But in broad terms, it’s an elevator experience, where you focus on repairing the elevator, advancing, and making sure you don’t end up stuck at the bottom before it’s too very late.


The elevator shaft escape room review by Maze Rooms


The first thing we want to mention in the elevator shaft review escape room is that Basement is a team that loves playing with mechanical effects, and that means that despite initial appearances, there is a lot of complexity in the elevator shaft escape room Los Angeles. We are talking about moving parts, sliding pieces, and even water systems. The latter in particular means you should probably not bring your best suit to the room.

However, with this predilection towards mechanisms and the technical aspect comes the reality that the Elevator Shaft as a whole can feel very pragmatic. You are doing very precise tasks that feel like believable maintenance, but that isn’t inherently a puzzle, and if you have precise players with you there’s a good chance some of you will feel left out simply because there’s not enough to do for 6 pairs of hands.


Can I play the elevator shaft escape room, Los Angeles?


Just like us Basement is also located in Los Angeles so you can easily visit or even make your personalized escape room circuit between our rooms and some of our favorites across town. So if you want to book today or find more informatio