Traveling to the US west coast? Your trip isn’t truly complete until you visit Los Angeles. Today, you will learn about the most outstanding sights to see in Los Angeles. This information is particularly useful to non-americans looking to visit LA, the capital of world cinema and the city of dreams. Read on to dicover exactly why people have named this region of California La La Land, where the dreams of the lucky ones come true and the hopes of many other dreamers collapse.

In the article you will get acquainted with where to visit in Los Angeles. Based on my practical experience of traveling to the USA, I will advise the most exciting and interesting areas, neighborhoods, and beaches where you must visit to see this city in all its glory and grandeur!

Best way to spend a day in Los Angeles

Tens of millions of tourists visit Los Angeles every year. Based on overall popularity, the main attractions of Los Angeles include:

  1. Hollywood Boulevard and Walk of Fame
  2. West Hollywood and Sunset Strip
  3. Griffith Observatory
  4. Beverly Hills area
  5. Downtown
  6. Los Angeles beaches
  7. Santa Monica Pier
  8. Maze Rooms

Undoubtedly, these sights cannot go unvisited. And if you are traveling with children, don’t forget Disneyland as well.

How to spend one day in LA

The Best Virtual Reality (VR) Escape Room Experience in LA

Los Angeles is known for much more than the movie empire. There are so many attractions here that it’s definitely not possible to see them all in one day. But if one day is all you have, it is worth talking about the most popular of them. Of course, most of the most visited sights are related to filming, but remember there is always something special for everyone to see in Los Angeles.

Grauman’s Egyptian Theater

In regards to historic cinema, one of the first in the city was the Grauman’s Egyptian Theater. It was built thanks to the initiative of Sid Grauman. A few years earlier, Grauman opened the Million Dollar Theatre. The Egyptian theater cost the entrepreneur a little less than a million – “only” 800 thousand dollars. It was built in a year and a half. Sid Grauman, along with his father David, opened theater venues in various US cities. The Egyptian theater began to work in 1922, after the death of Grauman Sr.

TCL Chinese Theater

This is an even more famous project by Sid Grauman, and for a long time the theater bore his name. The building was built in 1927. This theater can accommodate more than 1,100 people at the same time. It is here that the premieres of Hollywood novelties often take place. In 2007, the cinema was purchased by CIM Group. The building itself has already been featured several times in popular films such as Rush Hour, Iron Man 3, Blackout, and many others.

Hollywood Museum

This museum is located on Highland Avenue. Anyone who is a lover of cinema will enjoy a visit here.. The building was designed by Simeon Charles Lee, and restoration was completed in the early 2000s. Today the museum can be visited every day except Mondays and Tuesdays. There is a restaurant nearby, which is very convenient because after a long excursion, many people want to have a bite to eat. What can you see when you go to the museum? Over 10 thousand items related to the history of cinema!

Walk of Fame

The famous Walk of Fame is next to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Here you can see the hand and footprints of the greatest movie stars. It all started quite by accident with the fact that the famous actress Norma Talmadge stepped on fresh cement. Now here are the prints of the idols of the public. Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp and Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as many, many stars who won the love of the audience, left their marks here.

Prepare for your LA Visit

It is not reasonable to think you can see everything LA has to offer in only one week, much less a day. The city is huge and multifaceted. The population of Los Angeles is 3,792,620 people. To be precise, it would be better to call it not a city, but a district consisting of 88 cities located on more than four thousand square miles. These cities include Hollywood, Venice, Santa Monica, Downtown, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Long Beach… So tune in your LA woman headphones and get ready to complete a minimal to-do list in the City of Angels.

Rent a car right now! Or find a driver friend. There is nothing to do here without a car. Public transport in LA is poorly developed andexpensive – there are no free transfers between buses and metro trains. The metro connects only the central regions and has only six lines. Taxi is a luxury. You can rent a car right at the airport for all days of the trip and it’s well worth the expense.