For our team Escape Rooms are more than just our business, they are a craft and a passion, and we take every last detail of our more than 20 games to heart to ensure that the final product can capture your imagination and stay with you for days, weeks and even years to come.

Suffice it to say we like a good narrative and a good immersive world, and those are things we look for in other escape rooms, which is what led us to the basement escape room the study. The third game in the series and a huge fan-favorite. So for today, make sure to grab your seatbelt and keep on reading as we present the study escape room review.


What is the study escape room?


The study escape room in Los Angeles is the third installment in the Basement’s Edward Tandy (or Dead & Breakfast) saga, the narrative centerpiece to all the game rooms that the company has produced so far. However, while playing in order does come with its perks, the reality is that the study at the basement escape room la experience can still be enjoyed on its own and will be judged for its own merits here.

The premise in escape room the study is as straightforward as it is efficient, after your last two bouts with Edward Tandy you’ve taken it to his Study, desperate for a way to stop this constant game of cat and mice, but Tandy is aware of his presence and he isn’t happy his prey has decided to strike back.


The study escape room review by MazeRooms


The study escape room in Los Angeles is first and foremost a narrative experience, and one where the story is 100% at the forefront at all times. This has some great perks because the story is interesting even without the added context of the past two rooms, and at least during our visit the live actor portraying Tandy did a magnificent job at it. It was chilling, it was tense, and it truly brought to mind the horror inspirations that have defined this saga of rooms.

However there are two core issues we can’t ignore when it comes to the escape the room the study, and those are the solo twist and the puzzles. The puzzles are just… kind of hard to integrate with the narrative. You are supposed to be on a very personal storyline against a crazy foe who… sort of waits at times for you to solve a math puzzle or find a key? It often doesn’t meld as well as we’d like and that will take you out a bit.

And by the solo twist, there is a specific part of the study LA escape room where a single player will be isolated and will go through a marvelous gauntlet of events… But that’s the issue, it’s only one person per visit, and that’s kind of a huge deal when the room is sold as a group experience.


Where can I play the study escape room in Los Angeles?


If you are looking forward to experiencing The Study for yourself you’ll have to head to 12909 Foothill Blvd Sylmar, CA 91342! Though as with any other escape room experience, we recommend you book ahead of time so you don’t run into any accidental disappointments.