Escape games are trendy, and so are the escape rooms in LA. Many maze escape game fanatics are out there, but not many know how to behave in an escape room. If you are a maze escape games enthusiast but somehow have been losing the game in escape rooms in LA, we’ve compiled a list of things that you must not do when in escape rooms LA to win your next game.


Ignore Your Game Master

Ignoring your game master should be the last thing you do when you are playing a maze escape game. Game masters are there for a reason. They ensure you are safe and make the most of your game. Thus, deviating from their instructions is not the best thing to do. Instead, you must pay proper attention to what the game master is saying because their instructions often have the winning clues hidden.


Interact with Do Not Touch Items

When you are in a maze escape game, there are many items and things you are not supposed to touch while in the escape room. They have a symbol of do not touch for a reason, so you must not simply touch them. Interacting with things can have consequences, and when you touch such items multiple times, chances are you can be disqualified from the game.


Be Destructive

One of the worst things you can do in escape rooms in LA is to break things and items and be destructive. Under no circumstances should you attempt to climb on the infrastructure and furniture in a maze escape game or intentionally try to break something in the room. This can be not only hazardous but also stupid on your part.


Use Your Phone

One thing that everybody is addicted to these days is the phone. But this is precisely some that you must not use in escape rooms LA. Carrying your phone in the room is banned in most places, and there is no point in taking it along. The best way is to ask the game master for a clue, not Google.


Refuse to Communicate or Share your Information

The whole point of participating in escape rooms in LA is to be a part of a time. Thus, there is no point in keeping any information to yourself. It is incredibly satisfying to decode something or solve a puzzle faster than others, but you are meant to be together as a team in a maze escape game. Play as a team, and you have a much better chance of succeeding if you work together.


Guarantee Your Win at the Best Escape Rooms in LA

That’s it. Now that you know what you should never do, you are all set to win in the next maze escape game you place. Book your tickets by selecting the escape room near me and be victorious. Choose one of the most challenging and popular escape rooms in LA, Maze Rooms Los Angeles, and keep what we just mentioned. Get started now.