The zombie escape room is a staple of the industry, and it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, but why exactly is that? First and foremost, we have to address a very simple truth: Zombies are huge.

The popularity of zombies has gone up and down, and some people might argue they aren’t at the peak of their heyday, yet they never fully go away. Which is why there are so many zombie apocalypse escape room experiences around. However, there’s more to the escape room zombie beyond just the popularity of the ghouls themselves. And perhaps even more importantly, the simple truth is that an escape room won’t be good just because it has a popular theme behind it, there’s no shortage of… subpar zombie escape rooms out there.

So what makes a good room escape zombie experience? Honestly, the same things that make any other escape room good are production values, solid puzzles, and intuitive game design. 

It might be a bit of a cop-out but yeah, the motif is just flavoring, what will make escape room zombies engaging or not is just how well the overall product is structured. This mainly means checking in with good and respected escape room providers to make sure that you get a proper zombie experience. And of course, reviews are always a good way to check around too!


What makes zombie escape room answer key in this hobby?

Now, if we are looking for more precise zombie escape room answers then there’s something we’d like to share with you; a tiny little detail that we feel makes Zombies as iconic as they are on the escape room scene.

Zombies despite their slow nature just immediately imply a chase, don’t they? And we feel that provides the zombie escape room near me experience with a degree of tension that other games don’t. 

Now, the simple fact is that escape rooms don’t inherently have to be horror-themed, the thrill and challenge of the puzzles are meant to be the focus. But the reality is that a lot of rooms are horror-themed and amongst those escape room zombie near me experiences always have an edge because they get players on the edge of their seats.

Solving a puzzle to prevent a mummy from rising from death? Sure, it can be thrilling, but it just reads completely different from boarding a house while you hear the growling of zombies and the banging noise against your walls. The zombie escape room answer key is quite simply its tension. Zombies scare us and trigger our flight response in a way few other entities do, and that makes them a key of the industry.



Where to find a zombie escape room near me?

If you are looking to unveil the zombie escape room answers key for yourself and become the very best Zombie survivor the escape room scene has ever seen then you are in luck: We have an escape room meant just for you.

So if you are a Los Angeles local or planning a holiday here soon all you need to do to enjoy our specially curated zombie escape room is to come and visit us! No need to go any further or look beyond LA, because at Maze Rooms we have all the escape experiences you could be looking for.


Maze Rooms zombie apocalypse escape room

At Maze Rooms our premier Zombie experience is called “They’re Coming” and we are proud to let you know that it’s one of our most unique rooms currently open to the public. Why’s that you are asking? Well, it’s for a simple reason: We’ve inverted the rules. 

See, when it comes to zombies there’s no escape but a stronghold, which is why They’re Coming is a game experience centered on boarding yourself up and making sure nobody enters your room. You’ll be against the clock not to escape the room but to make sure nobody enters it. 

Is it a simple shift? Yeah. Does it change how everything goes? Of course. Is it scary as heck? You bet.

So if you are looking for a completely different way to engage with escape rooms hot from one of the best escape room companies in the country, make sure to book for They’re Coming!


Visit us in Los Angeles

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