You may think there is no such thing as the perfect escape room outfit. But there is, and it is right in your closet. Whether you have a date, are about to hang with your friends, or just want to look the best for yourself, we have the perfect guide for you. So make sure to stay until the end to read every tip we have gathered. Let’s dive into the dress code for escape rooms.

Whether it is your first date with a potential partner, a date with yourself, or a fun day with your friends and loved ones, you probably want to look the best. There is no dress code for escape rooms, but there are some basic guidelines you may want to follow. 

Comfortable clothing

First and most important of all, don’t overlook the importance of comfort and flexibility – Depending on the escape room, you might find yourself stretching, kneeling, and even crawling in claustrophobic spaces. Tight clothes that might rip if you bend are not what you are looking for. It may be funny in movies, but not as much when it happens to you in real life.

Say No to Dresses and Skirts

Though you probably look amazing in your black mini-dress, it’s probably not the best escape room outfit idea. Revealing clothes can end up being a headache if you have to move around or crawl (which you probably do). We always recommend using leggings or loose pants that don’t restrict your movements and don’t make you uncomfortable. 


Closed-toe Shoes

Again, comfort should be at the top of your escape room priorities list. Closed-toe shoes are a must, as they provide support and protect your feet during any physical activities involved in the games. You can still rock your favorite sneakers in the maze room.

Avoid High-Maintenance Outfits

If you need to constantly adjust your shirt or jeans, that is not what you want to wear to an escape room. These activities are about solving puzzles, not your wardrobe. If anything, you may want to consider bringing an extra set of clothes to change into after solving the maze. That way, you can be comfy while still getting to feel good in your favorite clothes later.

Cute Escape Room Outfit Ideas

Now, what are some cute escape room outfits or ideas to make the most out of the experience?

Matching Outfits

Many couples like to wear matching clothes. If you are one of them, consider planning ahead what to wear to match your partner’s vibes. Suppose you are heading into a jungle escape room – You could both wear camouflage attires. Besides feeling more connected to your partner or friends, you get to take cute pictures with them that you will treasure forever.


Themed Elements

This one is for more experienced and adventurous escape room fanatics. If you want to put together a cute escape room outfit, why don’t you add themed or playful elements? We are talking about puzzle earrings or key-shaped necklaces. Also, take the theme of your maze into consideration. If you are heading into an outer-space adventure, you can opt for metallic colors or star prints. These subtle touches can enhance your look while still prioritizing practicality.

Character Cosplay

Again, this one is for nerds. But we love nerds and assume you do too. Some escape rooms in LA feature famous characters like Indiana Jones, Sherlock Holmes, or Ghost Hunters. If you happen to be a fan and feel like it, what about cosplaying them? Or wearing details like necklaces and merch t-shirts. This way, you can have an even better experience and blend in with the environment

The Bottom Line

All in all, what matters most is that you have fun and an unforgettable experience. Looks are super important, but so is sharing the moment with your date. Wear something that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable, and remember these key takeaways:

  • Wear comfy clothes that don’t require much adjustment
  • Avoid skirts and dresses!
  • Loose pants or leggings are best
  • Closed-toe shoes are a must
  • Jewelry is just fine, wear as much as you want
  • Blend in with the environment with themed elements or cosplays

Have fun solving puzzles and escaping the room!