The City of Angels on the Pacific coast attracts tourists with an amazing entertainment industry, luxurious beaches, vibrant nightlife and excellent cuisine. Something is happening here all the time – concerts, parties, exhibitions and, of course, filming. If you are traveling to Los Angeles with friends for the first time and are looking for information on what to see, keep reading.

Explore the City Together: The Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles With Your Friends

There are several places where you can go for a walk with friends in Los Angeles.

Visit the Hollywood Sign

The iconic Hollywood sign, first erected in 1923, is one of Los Angeles’ most recognizable landmarks. To this day, the familiar giant white letters draw a steady flow of travelers to its lofty perch above the city. Standing at a towering height of forty-four feet and stretching across an impressive 450 feet of land, the sign commands attention; an anchor in the Hollywood Hills on which hopefuls have long cast their gaze in pursuit of fame and fortune. For many visitors, its visual grandeur offers a stirring reminder that dreams do manifest into reality.

Where to spend time with friends

Swing by the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is an iconic must-see place in Los Angeles. Every year, millions of tourists come here to walk on the sidewalk’s terrazzo slabs, which are embedded with many stars. They immortalize the names of actors, producers, musicians, fictional characters and many others who have made a significant contribution to the development of the film industry. Hollywood Walk of Fame stretches 15 blocks on both sides of Hollywood Boulevard and 3 blocks along Vine Street. The idea to create this unusual monument to show business was expressed in 1953 by the president of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, E.M. Stuart. The project was in development for a long time, but on February 8, 1960, the first star appeared on the Walk of Fame. It belonged to the famous director Stanley Kramer. To date, the number of stars has exceeded two and a half thousand and their number is constantly growing.

Explore Griffith Park

Griffith Park is located in the eastern Santa Monica Mountains and is considered America’s largest urban park. Its unique landscape is a combination of wild hilly terrain and ennobled territory. On the east side are the Los Angeles Zoo and the Autry National Center, dedicated to the history of the American West. Another interesting location is Travel Town. Here you can see an extensive collection of rail vehicles and take a trip on the Travel Town Railroad – a sixteen-inch railway. Outdoor enthusiasts like to spend time on public golf courses (Harding and Wilson), tennis courts or at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. One of the favorite places of citizens and tourists is Amir’s Garden.