Are you interested in trying out the best adult escape game you can? Are you already a fan of the genre but are looking forward to something more geared for your age range? Well, then you are in the right place, as today we’ll tackle everything there is to know and say about the escape room adults genre.

By the time we are done, you’ll know everything you’ll need about escape room activities for adults, and who knows, you might even reconsider your stance on the rooms you currently consider for younger audiences. But one thing’s for certain, we’ll tackle everything there is to say and ponder about the adult escape room scene and we’ll keep it fun and focused, so stick with us as we guide you through this new experience!

What makes an adult escape game?

Perhaps the most important thing to ask before we approach anything else is what makes an adult escape room? After all, when it comes to other forms of entertainment it’s just a matter of looking at the official age rating, but with escape rooms, it’s far more subjective, after all, age ratings are for the most part just left to the owners themselves.

But here in Los Angeles, our team at Maze Rooms thinks of the adult themed escape room scene as something that depends on either theme or complexity, and for the sake of your future visit, you need to understand what we mean by these two categories and which one represents what you are personally looking for.

An escape room game for adults can be so due to its motif and imagery, for example, say an escape room about a serial killer or butcher. In these cases it’s the style and ideas present that make the room adult-themed, after all, it’s just something that kids shouldn’t be exposed to.

However, there is another important consideration when it comes to the best escape rooms for adults and that is the complexity level; that is to say how likely is someone to win the game. High-difficulty games are by definition not intended for children, and oftentimes when players look for an escape room near adults they mean this challenge more so than the graphic content of the game.

So those two are the main two ways to separate adult escape rooms, and you must define which definition you lean towards before you start chasing an adult escape room near me.

escaping avalanche

Push your brain with escape room clues for adults

If you are looking for an adult escape room in the challenging sense then you need to look into the most challenging and demanding escape room clues for adults, which mostly means looking for games that go out of their way to emphasize the challenge in their descriptions.

That said diversity and challenge is in itself a delicate balance, and our team at Las Vegas has a few tips and ideas as to what makes a good challenge and what is just unfair. Generally speaking, a clever game forces players to interact with their environments in creative ways and use every last hint and tool available at their disposal. A proper escape room game for adults will make sure every single hint and piece of information needed to beat it is present in the room itself, and won’t leave it to chance or the player’s pre-existing knowledge.

Some of the most unique escape room ideas for adults

Now, the other main way to look at the adult escape room scene is to consider the motifs and design elements, or in other words, these experiences focus directly on escape room ideas for adults.

What does this usually mean? Well, often it refers to more violent or explicit content, that is to say, the kind of escape rooms where you might be expected to look at blood, guts, or heavy horror elements. Though once again we’d like to stress that “adult” elements on their own don’t inherently make for the best escape room games for adults. No amount of blood and gore will make a boring puzzle better, and that means that as always, trust reviews, check your sources, and go to reputable companies like Maze Rooms for your escape room sessions.

it’s easy to find any old horror slaughterhouse, but you are looking at an escape room, so the mystery and engagement should always be at the forefront of the description and experience.

Seize the season with easter escape room for adults

Of course, another important yet less exciting consideration to keep in mind is well, your schedule, as the fact is that being an adult often means having less time to use on your hobbies. And while this might seem like a boring conversation to hold right now the reality is that it’s also a good opportunity to plan around for some easter escape room for adults experiences.

Easter is coming and it’s always a season where it’s easier to make the time, so why not take advantage of that and add it to your upcoming holiday? If you are in Los Angeles you are in luck because we have well over 7 unique locations and allow for bookings ahead of time, meaning that it’s very easy to find an escape room near me for adults as well as to add it seamlessly to our plans. So if your easter plans allow, why not visit us this season? We are one of the biggest companies in the scene and synonymous with escape rooms in general, so you are bound to have fun.

The best escape rooms for adults at Maze Rooms

So now that we have offered our expertise and locations, it’s about time we list what we consider our best escape room activity for adults, and that means covering some of our favorite rooms and explaining why they make great picks. Mind you, we trust all of our games, but some are just more family-oriented than others, so today’s list is all about those that might fit that escape room for adults near me criteria the best.

With that in mind “They’re Coming” is our number one pick because it combines both of our criteria for adult escape rooms in a single experience. They’re Coming is a zombie-themed reverse escape scenario themed around zombies with all the blood and guts the idea implies, but it’s also one of our most challenging games, so it’s just perfect for those who want that extra spice in their presentation and puzzles alike.

Another great pick from our selection is “The Abyss”, this undersea adventure is not as demanding as the previous one on the difficulty, but the tension and horror make up for it. Fear of the sea is primal in mankind, and this specific adventure has some carefully crafted scares and challenges to leave even experienced players on their toes.

For those who want unique and creative challenges then “World of Illusions” is our recommendation. In this wizard-themed escape room, nothing is quite what it seems, and that means that even interacting with the puzzles is something that won’t play as you expect, and that means that you’ll need to put your brain into overclock to finish this room.

Whatever Happened To The Garretts

Are there escape room for adults near me

Escape Rooms are a genre that is picking up speed by the day, and it’s a far more common hobby now than just a few years ago, so there’s a very good chance that there are good escape rooms near you no matter where you are located. Of course, at Maze Rooms we are located in Los Angeles, so if you are here you can just visit us. But no matter where you are located we are sure you’ll be able to find an escape room if you look around.

Are there virtual escape room for adults?

The virtual escape room for adults scene is growing and thriving, and in past articles, we’ve gone deeper into the topic, but at the very least it’s not something we specifically offer. For our team immersion is a key aspect of the escape room experience and as of right now, we haven’t found a way to properly convey this purely through VR (though we may in the future!).

That said there are definitely providers for it, and some of them are even remote so we have no doubt you’ll be able to find one if you so desire.

Finding a escape room near me for adults

If you are looking for a Escape Room near you and are located or plan to visit Los Angeles all you need to do is to head to any of our locations at Maze Rooms. At Maze Rooms, we take pride in being one of the premier providers of escape room experiences in the country, and with 7 different locations in Los Angeles and over a dozen unique escape rooms, we are second to none when it comes to convenience.

There’s a room for everybody at Maze Rooms, and there’s always a location nearby no matter where you are in Los Angeles. Plus, we already shared some of our best adult-themed rooms with you above, so you already know what to book, so really, what are you waiting for?

Visit us in Los Angeles

If you are in Los Angeles make sure to visit us soon! You can book your games through this very website or contact us for more details, of course, to stay ahead of the loop when it comes to anything related to the escape room scenes don’t forget to follow us and read some of our other articles.