We all love to rank things, and it only takes one quick visit to YouTube or TikTok to find out just how true this is. People love their ranking, and to be fair the appeal of having a TOP-100 list that tells us everything we need to know in a single place is too good to pass up on.

That said when it comes to the topic of the top 100 escape rooms in the world the answer might not be as clear-cut as it might sound. To list 100 worlds escape room is a hard task, and unlike movies or videogames as they are completely in-person experiences very few people will get a chance to visit even half of what such a list would include. Nonetheless, we know this is a hot topic in the community, so today we’ll try to make some sense of the idea and tell you why a 100 worlds escape room game list is not as straightforward as it might sound at first.

Is there a consensus on what the top 100 escape rooms in the world are?

The core issue with any of these lists is that well, there’s no real consensus or even a standardized rating system to even know where to begin the task of a escape game 100 worlds list.

Escape Rooms don’t have a Rotten Tomatoes, an Academy, or some secret organization that organizes and rates them all, the fact is that for the most part escape rooms are a relatively new hobby and one that most people partake on at their own pace and based on their interests. So any potential list you see online is more of a blog or personal recommendation. Those are the top escape rooms that a person had the chance to experience, but that’s about it.

And of course, as we mentioned at the start another major issue is that at the end of the day, all players are limited by where they live, as you can’t exactly play an escape room through Netflix. And this does ultimately mean that almost every single list on the internet looks completely different from each other.

That said some enthusiasts have taken notice of this and are working on making an aggregate list ranking the best escape rooms in the world, but as the project is only in its first stages we can say that as of now there is no definitive top 100 ranking for escape rooms.

Steampunk Alice Escape Room Los Angeles

How many of the 100 worlds escape room are in Los Angeles?

While we can’t say in good faith that there’s one top 100 list of escape rooms that are completely objective and approved by everybody in the industry, that doesn’t mean we can’t still take some insight from the lists that do exist. Something that particularly fills us with pride when we compare some of the most viewed and shared lists online is the strong presence of Los Angeles in them.

Almost every single top 10 list you’ll find online will list Los Angeles at some point, and when it comes to 100 lists the number easily ends up in the dozens. So while we can’t give a strict numerical ranking to each one of our experiences at Maze Rooms we can attest to the fact that general reception to our escape rooms is overwhelmingly positive and both locals and tourists who get the chance to experience the Los Angeles escape room circuit leave with a great impression.

What’s like to experience 100 world’s escape room game

If you want to experience one of those games that has been considered for top 100 lists in the past then all you need to do is to visit our website at Maze Rooms and find out which one interests you. As we said before Los Angeles has an amazing reputation amongst escape room aficionados, and our team takes great pride in offering engaging, challenging, and completely original experiences so our clients always leave with a smile on their face and an adventure to share.

On top of that, we also understand that travel distances can be an issue for some people, but with 7 different locations in the area, there’s always a Maze Rooms near you no matter where you are in the city. So whether you are a local or a tourist being able to enjoy one of our games doesn’t take much effort, and our team has gone to great lengths to ensure that each experience is truly world-class.