Is it your first time in Los Angeles? Or perhaps you are a local who’s looking for the best places to go with friends in Los Angeles to make sure they get the perfect experience? No matter where on the spectrum you land we are here to help, and thankfully being in Los Angeles makes recommending activities super easy.

There are so many things to do with friends in Los Angeles that if we were to list them all this article would become a bonafide Wikipedia article. There’s just so much variety, so much passion and so much genuine fun to be had that we’d have to list every stop in LA, that’s how confident we are in our city.

So for today, we’ll focus on our absolute favorite places to go with friends in Los Angeles, this is the cream of the crop, but that doesn’t mean there are also many other things left for you to discover on your own. And honestly? That’s the best part! You might start your trip looking for something and then fall in love with a completely different activity, restaurant, or museum that wasn’t even in your plans. That’s the real appeal of LA! Take it from us locals.

What’s there to see in Los Angeles?

As we said above there’s no shortage of fun things to do in Los Angeles with friends, and that’s because when it comes to LA, well, the truth is that there’s no shortage of things to do period. If you want to experience the magic of America in a single city then LA is the place to go, and you’ll be completely convinced as we go over just the main things Los Angeles is known for.

First and foremost if we are discussing fun places to go with friends in Los Angeles we need to address Hollywood. Hollywood is THE cradle of all American pop culture, and no matter what you or your friends are invested in you’ll find a part of it on Hollywood. This is the home of the Avengers, Disney, Harry Potter, and every single fragment of fiction that your childhood was inspired by.

You’ve got the Walk of fame, wax statues, imitators, iconic sets, and entire theme parks centered around movies. And all of this is right here in LA, visiting Hollywood is one of the first things to do with friends in Los Angeles, and if you or your friends haven’t been here before we can assure you your mind will be blown.

But you know what else we briefly touched on and deserves some extra attention? Theme parks. There are six major theme parks in LA alone (and there’s more to consider if you are okay with visiting San Diego too). Plus when we mean “major” we do mean these are some of the most popular theme parks in the world. These aren’t just great parks to visit and incredibly fun places to go in Los Angeles with friends, these are THE theme parks that people dream of visiting their entire life. And they are all right here in a single city, can you imagine that?

Of course, culture is wonderful but even before we consider all the wonderful things we’ve built up in Los Angeles have you stopped to look at this city? It’s beautiful! And on top of it’s beautiful it’s such a good destination for beach enthusiasts

LA has more than 75 miles of coastline, which translates to more than 100 beaches to choose from. it’s just a sight anywhere you go and that unique combination of entertainment with a simply perfect beach experience is one you won’t find anywhere in the world but LA.

So if you are looking for fun things to do with friends in Los Angeles all you need to do is look around. If you are in LA you are right in the middle of fun itself, and you’ll have a blast no matter what you decide to do. You might even feel the need to extend your vacation, and hey, we’d love to have you for longer too.

Our favorite fun places to go in Los Angeles with friends

As we approached above there’s a lot to do in Los Angeles but something we recommend not only to tourists but in general to anybody who travels in groups is to look for truly group-oriented activities. At the end of the day we all have different interests and even a small group can’t be completely in-synch for every single activity and destination: But that’s precisely why seeking activities that do demand collaboration and group synergy is so important in trips.

Our reccomendation? Escape rooms! Escape rooms are like being your movie star, and by that, we mean that you get to experience exciting adventures that take place in the action. And our favorite part is that escape rooms are almost universally a group activity, you are always expected to go in groups, and while playing with strangers can be fun going with your friends is when it truly gets great.

Whether you win or lose you’ll have great memories to share, and since LA has such a great escape room scene we do recommend you take the time to check one out the next time you visit.

What are the best places to go with friends in Los Angeles?

We’ve gushed enough about the advantages of escape rooms on their own, so where should you go to experience one? Well, the answer to that thankfully is easy, becomes in LA when you think escape rooms you think Maze Rooms.

So what makes Maze Rooms the premier escape room destination in LA? Well the first thing for us is precisely the fact that it isn’t a single destination but a lot of them. Maze Rooms currently operates from 7 different locations and that means that it’s a very easy trip no matter where in the city you are. Do you want to go to an escape room right as you leave your hotel? There’s bound to be one close by. Maybe going to the Walk of Fame first sounds better? That’s also super easy. More locations means more convenience and if you are short in time that’s great.

Another key element that makes the difference with Maze Rooms is the fact that they have a lot of unique themes available and a narrative focus. Variety is the spice of life and the selection at Maze is finely seasoned meat. You got horror rooms with zombie and ghost motifs, sci-fi adventures that take you to Area 51, veritable spy adventures, and even experimental experiences like the World of Illusions escape room. So really, it’s just like being in LA itself, there’s a bit of everything for everybody.