If there’s one thing that October means that’s horror. Even if you aren’t going to Halloween parties there’s no shortage of scary attractions in Los Angeles to take advantage of as a horror fan. And today’s article is all about that, about comparing and contrasting the best scary places in Los Angeles CA.

However, before we go all in we’d like to set up some ground rules on how this Los Angeles scary guide will work. So first and foremost we will be focusing on scary locations and physical events. Classic films ain’t going anywhere, and there are even some set in Los Angeles itself. But today we want to focus on things you can do in person with or without friends. this is about going outside and enjoying scary Los Angeles in the flesh.

We understand that some of you movie and videogame buffs might be a bit disappointed, but if you keep reading you’ll see that one of our favorite scary places in Los Angeles is perfect for you. So we recommend you stick to the end to discover a side of Los Angeles you might have not imagined before.

Great scary things to do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is more or less the capital of pop culture in America, and that means you’ll find a lot of scary places to visit in Los Angeles even if you aren’t actively looking for them. If you are into the horror aesthetic but aren’t necessarily the bravest soul around (don’t worry, we won’t tell) why not take a look at what the bar and restaurant scene has to offer?

As LA locals we can assure you that there’s no shortage of scary events in Los Angeles to look forward to, but there are also a lot of scary-looking places to visit that are harmless and fun for the whole family. If you go near the Walk of Fame or other major landmarks be prepared to look at a lot of businesses and vendors dressed in Halloween style to make the season more festive.

The truth is we wouldn’t rank these attractions very high in our list of scary things to do in Los Angeles, but that’s part of the appeal. Just touring on your terms is enough to see some spooky sights!

What scary events in Los Angeles can you look forward to?

Now it’s time to get into actual scary places to go in Los Angeles and of course, if we are talking about Halloween you’ll want to check the festivals and other time-limited events that will pop up in the area. Whether you are planning to take part in a West Hollywood carnival in your best costume or look at the time-limited attractions in theme parks there are a lot of unique Halloween attractions you will not want to miss out on in Los Angeles.

Of course, a lot of these events do become a double-edged sword when it comes to scary things to do in Los Angeles precisely because they are time-sensitive. Halloween is only one month of the year, and on top of that, it’s not like every single event will last the entire month. In fact, a lot of these events are only available for a single day or a week, and if you aren’t a local or even if you are but aren’t available all days of the week that can become an issue.

Of course, we want to make things clear. If you are in Los Angeles during October the sheer volume of venues to get your Halloween mood will be impossible to count. You’ll be able to enjoy a lot of events, and in Los Angeles, we like to go big. But scheduling all of this and listing every single one would be a challenge in and of itself. This is why we recommend our readers to also rely on a few fixed features of the Los Angeles horror scene that operate year-wide; that way you’ll always have a backup plan.

Permanent Scary Attractions in Los Angeles

If you are looking for scary things to do in Los Angeles no matter the time of the year then you need to be looking into escape rooms, and if you want to experience escape rooms in our city then Maze Rooms is the way to go.

Now before we go deeper into Maze Rooms itself we want to clarify that not all escape rooms are in fact horror themed. Escape Rooms as their name implies are defined by trying to solve puzzles and challenges to leave a fixed location, and while they aren’t all meant to be scary they are all thrilling. They are incredibly immersive and interactive activities to do with a group of friends or on your own, but they won’t all be horror-themed. That’s where Maze Rooms comes in.

Maze Rooms is the premier experience for escape room enthusiasts in LA and the best part is that with well over 20 unique experiences they not only have enough alternatives to have a few horror classics in there, but there’s enough for different sorts of horror fans. Zombie buff? They got you covered. Do you like ghost stories? Gotcha. What about a classic campy haunted pyramid tale? That’s also there. Cerebral suspense thrillers? Of course!

What makes Maze Room such a beloved fixture of the LA entertainment circuit is the fact that they have something for everybody, and that means you too.

Where in Los Angeles is Maze Rooms?

Maze Rooms currently counts 7 separate locations in LA, with some of their premises being close to key locations in town like Playa del Rey or Robertson Boulevard. This means that Maze Rooms is an easy visit to make no matter where you are staying.

Of course, you should take the time to confirm the schedule on each location and which experiences they offer on-site, in case you are set on one specific adventure to undertake this Halloween. But the main thing to take away is that if you want convenience, a great experience, and high-quality spooks then Maze Rooms is the place to check.