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The Tree of Life is dying, and only you can save it!

Fantasy, whimsy, and a little bit of drama await both first-time players and experienced enthusiasts inMagic Kingdom Escape Room, which is a medium difficulty escape room game in Koreatown, LA that offers a spellbinding adventure to captivate both children and adults. You and your friends have been transported to an otherworldly land known as the Magic Kingdom, where a mysterious curse threatens the ancient Tree of Life!

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Sitting for eons at the heart of the Enchanted Forest, the Tree of Life is the source of all the magic in the world. While old and powerful, the tree isn’t immortal – its roots are nourished by the elemental water from a magic wishing well near the tree. Alas, an evil magic from an unknown source has descended upon the Magic Kingdom Escape Room, cursing the wishing well and causing the elemental water to run dry! You and your band of magicians are the only ones with the power to end the curse and save the tree before it withers away – but you only have one hour to do it! After 60 minutes, the tree will fade away, and the Magic Kingdom will be lost!

Get ready to embrace your inner child, and work together to recover the three elemental wands whose power you’ll need to save the tree. Along the way, you’ll enlist the help of a colorful cast of magical creatures, including fairies, a jackalope, and a talking mouse who will guide you in your quest. Who knows, maybe the friendly giant will even wake up long enough to lend a hand!

Located in the heart of KoreatownMaze Rooms on S. Vermont offers some of the most exciting escape room experiences in Los Angeles. We’re on the forefront of the latest generation of escape games – each of our 60-minute adventures interweave technology and practical design elements into both our puzzles and storytelling to create immersive experiences for any occasion. Whether you’re looking to host a birthday party, a team-building event for your company, or just something fun to do with friends or family, our games have something for everyone!

Who is the Magic Kingdom Maze Room experience meant for?

Would you describe yourself as someone who is very imaginative and who loves fantasy? Maybe you were a Disney kid or still are a Disney adult? Do you love the whimsy and fluttering mystery of fantasy that only cartoons and classic films can offer? If you answered yes to any of those questions (but especially if you said yes to all of them) then the Magic Kingdom escape room is 100% meant for you.

At the end of the day, the focus of all escape rooms is to make sure you get immersed in a unique experience completely unlike anything your day-to-day life has to offer. But with the "magic kingdom" escape room in LA, we put the otherwordly aspect first and foremost. At the Magic Kingdom, you will get to experience all those whimsical sights of fantasy movies and fairytales like glowing mushrooms, ancient wise trees, and talking animals. We are talking about the entire range of fantasy too, there's robes, wands, and grimoires for you to interact and experiment with, so everything you do while on the escape room magic kingdom experience will be defined first and foremost by that feeling of fantasy and wonder.

Of course, we would like to point out that the magic kingdom escape room LA experience has a difficulty setting of medium, so it has enough brainteasers and puzzles to keep adults on their toes. The content is all clean and based on classic Western fantasy, but with the LA escape room magic kingdom adventure we wanted to make sure to offer something that could keep adults engaged too.

Don't worry, however, it still has a rating of medium, you'll be able to clear it and our staff always has a helpful hint at hand for you. But it'll still be engaging enough to keep you on your toes, so overall the magic kingdom escape room Los Angeles experience is a balanced ride that is perfect for all ages and levels as long as you are invested in the core idea and motif.

What does the average Magic Kingdom escape room review have to say?

The average magic kingdom escape room review has one common thing to say: Awe-inspiring. At Maze Rooms we are proud to say that visitors have been super approving of the game and have always left with great words to say about their time on the experience. And of course, this all goes back to our focus on the visual motifs and spectacle. To quote a review Magic Kingdom escape room we had the pleasure to experience "The Magic Kingdom lives up to its name, I really felt like I was right in a Disney movie".

We have countless other opinions and experiences like that to share with you here at the site, all of which back the quality and polish of our offerings. So the only thing left by now is to make sure you visit us too and leave your review, because we are excited to hear from you and find out what you think of our Magic Kingdom.

Visit the Magic Kingdom escape room in Los Angeles!

If you are in Los Angeles and any of the above spoke to you then you have to come visit! You can see our schedule and book a ticket just below, and since we have openings almost every day of the year we have no doubt you'll be able to book an experience at a convenient time for without any issue. Just remember, we are at the heart of Koreatown, so that's where you'll have to find us if you are ready to experience a world of fantasy for yourself.

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