If you love the thrill of haunted experiences and are always up for adventures, you must try something out of the box. You and your like-minded gang must try the scary escape maze room in your area.

A scary escape room may get you out of your wits but unravelling intriguing mysteries in a haunted maze room is something you must experience. It is the best place to experience the adrenaline rush, test your reflexes, and face the spine-chilling mysteries.

Whether with or without actors, horror escape rooms are a force to be reckoned with. This blog will run you through some expert tips to play scary escape rooms mysteries like a pro.

Get Mentally Ready First

Make up your mind before you book tickets for horror-themed maze rooms. If you are pregnant, have anxiety issues or have any medical condition that can impact your ability to think clearly, you might want to reconsider attending a scary maze room.

Don’t Panic

When you are afraid of something in advance, it becomes harder to perform to your best ability. For example, since the lighting is specifically dark in a scary maze room, it may become difficult for you to solve complex puzzles and find clues given your panic state.

Emotions at Play

If you are fond of puzzles only and don’t feel excited by emotions of different kinds, horror maze rooms are not your cup of tea. Horror escape rooms are more about emotions, how you tackle them and overcome them to concentrate than brainstorming.

Focus on Hidden Clues

When it’s a scary maze room, focus on the lighting, sound effects and actors as they will lead you in the right direction. For instance, if your room is all black with just key well-lit spots, look there for clues and try to finish the room before time.

Believe in the horror story

Leave your scepticism at the door and embrace whatever awaits you inside the room. For example, if you are in a horror zombies’ room, and you know they are not real, you are allowed to feel scared. The whole idea of such rooms is to make your adrenaline rush. Feel the vibes you get, and you will find your clues amidst those scary feels only.

Prepare some key scare tactics

If the scary maze rooms start to scare you deep, try staying in a group. This way, you will be in a comparatively comfortable zone, which will help you concentrate on finding the clues. Also, when you are in a group, you can scare the other participants easily.

Safety comes first

Fun is good, but safety comes first, especially in a scary maze room. If at any point while solving the puzzle you feel physically or mentally unwell, too scared to continue or start hallucinating bad, stop the game immediately. These are not the goals of escape rooms, and these rooms encourage participants to step out if they start pushing themselves hard at the cost of their health.

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