If you have been looking for a chance to experience the adventure, thrills and challenges of a Maze room escape game, we suggest you to must consider a few things to improve your chances of winning in your first foray. Maze room escape games consist of a wide range of tasks, puzzles, and clues that the players need to decode and solve to accomplish a specific goal.


Things You Need To Know

The most important goal of winning a Maze room escape game is to escape a room, in addition to discovering the hidden treasure, rescuing a prisoner, or beating a mastermind their own game. So, before you start your Maze room escape game ride, here are a few tips to help you navigate and solve your first escape room seamlessly.


  • Escape is Possible but Never Easy

Escape rooms are not about fun and excitement but also about challenges to overcome and conquer. So, don’t take escape room lightly, the secret is to pay good attention to every detail mentioned in the brief. On top of that, many escape rooms offer medals, certificates and prizes to the participants that escape the room well in time.


  • Choosing the Right Team is a Must

The caliber of your team decides the chances of your success and failure. So, try to choose a team of professionals with diverse participants having different skills, talents, and problem-solving skills. So, a team of colleagues may not have the same all-encompassing perspective that a team of diversely-skilled people would enjoy.


  • Pick your Dress Wisely

A Maze room escape game has an interactive and tactile environment with a lot of action, crawling, jumping, dashing, collecting, and more. So, a player would want to wear the most comfortable adventuring outfit with the right pair of shoes.


  • Not a One-Man Show

The worse thing to do to your escape room game team is trying to play all by yourself without collaborating with the other members of the team. Be a good team player by ensuring that everyone is involved with puzzles and clues, once one participant has got a chance to figure out a particular puzzle, you must give a chance to another person with a fresh perspective a go.


  • Speak Up, Be A Value Add

You have as much value to add as any other player on your team in an escape room Maze game. So don’t shy from speaking up and sharing a tactic or some idea with the other members of your team. Your team has better chances at winning these games when you are not afraid of sharing your ideas, viewpoint, and opinions with others. You never know which idea can decode the most challenging puzzle.


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