Los Angeles is a city of eternal summer, entertainment and beaches. Children will definitely not be bored here, and their parents will not have to think for a long time about what to do with their kids. Interesting excursions, unusual museums, exciting trips. attractions, and theme parks – all this awaits guests visiting the City of Angels. It remains only to make plans and routes in order to visit as many places as possible and not miss anything worthy of attention.

Where to go in Los Angeles with toddlers

The City of Angels is a real paradise for children. Parks, attractions and, of course, Disneyland!


Naturally, the place of attraction for children from all over the world is Disneyland – the very first and most famous amusement park of this network. It is located in the city of Anaheim and includes Disneyland Park, the Disney California Adventure Park, the Disney Town shopping and entertainment district, and 3 fabulous hotels.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Another famous amusement park in Los Angeles is Universal Studios Hollywood. In the park of the film company “Universal” you can not only ride a variety of “cinema”-themed rides, but also walk along real film sets, see how modern special effects are made and new films are shot and so much more.

Zoo and botanical garden

But entertainment for kids in Los Angeles doesn’t stop there! Be sure to visit the zoo, located in the city’s Griffith Park (250 species of animals), and the botanical garden, where you can see almost seven and a half thousand species of plants.


In the Long Beach area, there is the Aquarium of the Pacific which is an interesting exposition of the inhabitants of the Pacific Ocean.

Maze Rooms

LA is known for its fun and creative escape rooms, Maze Rooms being among the most popular in the area. Maze Rooms has several locations in the LA region, so you are likely to have one close to where you are staying.

Escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular among travelers seeking out adventure-filled experiences. If you haven’t ever been to one, an escape room is a game where participants, go through puzzles and challenges with the goal of “escaping” from the room in a set amount of time; these puzzles can range from riddles to scavenger hunts to mathematical problems. Participants must work together, using their combined knowledge and creativity, to solve the various puzzles before time runs out and they are “locked” in the room forever! Escape rooms provide an exhilarating experience for all skill levels; even those who aren’t naturally gifted at puzzle solving have opportunities to get involved and help guide their team to victory.

Where to go in Los Angeles with family

Visit Griffith Park in LA

When visiting Los Angeles, a visit to the parks is a must. Griffith Park is a huge dimensionless forest. To go for a walk there is an indefinite concept; for comparison, the area is 10 times larger than Mezhyhirya. Therefore, in order to understand where to go here, you must clearly define where you want to go. And it is desirable to decide before you start looking for parking on a mountain serpentine.

There are trails for hiking, horseback riding, golf clubs, attractions, and so on. We thought we would have a lot there, but there was only enough time for the observatory.

The Griffith Observatory is on an elevated position with great views of the city and the Hollywood sign, especially at night.

Where to kill time in LA

If you don’t know what to do in Los Angeles, then Beverly Hills is the perfect option for you. You need to go here with a tour or by car as the coverage is too large. We toured Beverly Hills, Sunset Boulevard, and Santa Monica Boulevard as a breather to let the kids rest. You can see very interesting architecture, including mansions of stars. Beverly Hills offers so many unique places for capturing photos. 

Where to take baby in Los Angeles

As previously mentioned, Los Angeles has so many choices of entertainment for families, babies included. The city has nice water parks, amusement parks, zoos, as well as many excellent cinemas and cafes. 

One of the best places for families with younger children is the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Garden, where you can spend the whole day in a fun way. Among the inhabitants of this zoo are cute koalas and elephants, various types of monkeys and exotic animals brought from distant Australia. The zoo is distinguished by its original design. Many huge trees grow on its territory and beautiful thematic sculptures are installed, against which you can take great photos. After admiring the animals, visitors can stroll through the botanical garden and appreciate the collection of rare plants.

Additionally, the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium invites visitors to get acquainted with the diversity of the inhabitants of the underwater world. Its guests will have the opportunity to see rare exotic fish and jellyfish, as well as other unusual inhabitants of the deep sea. There is an interesting museum in the aquarium, the exposition of which is completely devoted to marine life.The atmosphere is simply perfect for small children. In the aquarium, interesting environmental events are often organized for visitors, in which absolutely everyone can participate and enjoy.

Where to take parents in Los Angeles

The most popular amusement park in Los Angeles is Universal Studios Hollywood, which is known far beyond the US. You can spend the whole day in this park, with an impressive scale and variety of attractions. Included in the part are water rides, cinema-themed attractions, and more. Exciting excursions are conducted for visitors, during which they can see the scenery for their favorite films and learn about how a real Hollywood movie is shot.