What are escape room conferences?

Escape room conferences are short reunion events both for escape room owners and enthusiasts, they work like any other convention if you have previous experience with those, but what makes an escape room convention different from other such gatherings is of course the topic.

Escape rooms are honestly one of the most engaging hobbies that have appeared in the last decade or so and given their increasing popularity worldwide it should come as no surprise that escape room conferences have taken off as well. If you aren’t too acquainted with your local scene then the mere idea of an escape room conference might surprise you, but these are recurrent and popular events all over the nation, and you could get a chance to experience one for yourself soon if you look around for information and details around your area.

What can you expect in an escape room convention?

No two events are exactly the same and this logically applies to an escape game convention as well, so your personal experience on two separate room escape conference situations might be vastly different, but today we will take a look at the most likely scenarios and situations you might run into.

The first thing to keep in mind is that any escape game convention will have to involve both owners and fans, and it just makes sense, that you can’t have any talks or demos without the people who own and design these experiences. But at the same time, it’s rare to see an escape room conference that is 100% centered on networking and all the other behind-the-scenes deals.

So what can you expect then? The first thing is of course demos of new puzzles or exhibits, some conventions will even have multiple rooms available, but regardless of the scale, there’s unviersally some hands-on experience to keep the guests happy. However, another major fixture of any big escape room convention is the talks and announcements. Conventions offer a unique opportunity for owners to connect with their clients, and for designers to explain what goes on in their usual work day.

So if you want to both enjoy some new games and find out more about the genre itself going to a convention it’s a no-brainer. Plus as with any other specialized event there’s going to be no shortage of fellow enthusiasts to talk with, who knows, you might find your next big friendship or social group at one of these conventions.

Where to find the best escape game convention?

In our personal experience if you want to enjoy some of the best conventions in the US you need to either be in or visit Los Angeles, after all when it comes to the Escape Room scene Los Angeles is one of the flagship destinations for fans all over the country, and we have both quality and quantity to spare.

There are always new events going on in Los Angeles too, so if you are curious to visit one for yourself keep up with us in our socials, we’ll make sure to comment and post about any event we might be attending shortly.

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