The Pirate Escape Room is quite popular in Los Angeles. We wouldn’t say that this is one of the simple rooms, but thanks to exciting quests, an interesting storyline and a lot of interactivity, you can have a pretty good time.

If you ask yourself questions such as: “What is the reason for such a demand for Pirate Escape Room?” or “What makes the plot of Pirate Adventure Escape Room so different from other themes of rooms and is interesting for any age?”; “Do all aspects of this escape room bring only positive impressions, or is there something that can leave a negative impression?” and so on, after reading this article you will find the answers to these questions.

But before we dive into the world of pirates and take a closer look at the Pirate Themed Escape Room, pay attention to the the Maze Rooms. We have some of the coolest escape rooms listed in five-star ratings on Google and Yelp, we are included in the top 5 escape rooms in Los Angeles and we are considered as the top 10 must-visit destinations in Los Angeles. Together with our escape rooms and cool quests, you can not only have a good rest but also enjoy the interesting puzzles and atmosphere of the rooms!

What’s so special about Pirate Escape Room?

There are several reasons to see why Pirate Adventure Escape Room is quite popular:

1) Interesting puzzles

There are not simple puzzles waiting for you, but those that will make your brain “quickly turn on”, so to speak. Therefore, after visiting the Pirate Escape Room in Los Angeles, you won’t even have a second to think about boredom. Every task that will be given to you to escape is thought out in detail and to solve this or that task you will need to put 100% of your efforts.

2) Thoughtful plot

When you visit the Pirate Escape Room, you enter not just a room, but a completely different reality, unlike the real world. You will immerse yourself in an adventurous atmosphere, where you will get to know the customs of the islands, or you will be told legends about pirates and you will search and protect treasures. It’s so mysterious and interesting, isn’t it?

3) An alternative way of recreation

To make your holiday not monotonous like lying down, going somewhere, watching a movie, going on a picnic, etc., Pirate Themed Escape Room can be an ideal way to escape from such a boring holiday. You can also invite your family members, work colleagues, friends – and whoever you want to make your visit more fun and create a pleasant experience not only for you.

What are the disadvantages of the Pirate Escape Room in Los Angeles?

In contrast to positive experiences, some things can unfortunately cause negative emotions in you. For instance:

1) Price per visit

The price of a ticket for a visit to the Pirate Escape Room in Los Angeles can be up to 60 dollars! It all depends on the number of participants, level of difficulty and location. So keep an eye out for it! 

But if, for example, you visit the Pirate Bay Escape Room in the Maze Rooms, then you can say you are lucky. The price per ticket if 2 people play the game is $49.50, but if you have a team with more participants, then the price will be much lower. For 3 or more participants, the price per person will be $37! For more information click here.

2) Difficulty of puzzles

Since this escape room is not so simple and contains many tasks that need to be carefully thought out, some may feel stressed because of it. In addition, due to the time limit for escaping from the room, this visit may not be the most pleasant. Instead of positive emotions, you may experience stress and disappointment if you cannot solve some puzzles.

3) Problem with booking

If you want to visit the Pirate Escape Room, it is best to do it in advance. Why? Because due to the popularity of the room, you may simply not have time to book tickets and you will be upset if you have to wait an incomprehensible amount of time for available tickets.

Helpful Pirate Escape Room tips

If you want to escape from the room successfully, you can try these Pirate Escape Room clues from us:

1) Look at the “hidden subtext”

Everything that will be given to you in the escape room may not be simple, and you will need to look not “straight on”, but from a different angle. Thus, you need to think outside the box. Can you do it?

2) Team activity

Escape rooms are designed to be completed not alone, but either with someone or with a group. Therefore, if you visit the Pirate Escape Room, try to be active in your team and help. Be guided by one common goal: escape from the room successfully and then your thoughts will be adjusted to teamwork and everything will be great.

3) Use anything that can help to escape

When you visit the Pirate Escape Room, anything you find or are given can be useful. Whether it’s cards or notes, you can do whatever you want with them: turn them over, draw on them, shine an ultraviolet ray on them, etc. The main thing is that you interact with the objects, and not stand aside.

Final thoughts

Pirate Escape Room can really be an interesting experience to pass the time. Maybe you still have questions about this room, but we cannot give all Pirate Escape Room answers. Whether or not this escape room is right for you is up to you. This is YOUR LIFE, YOUR EXPERIENCE AND YOUR EMOTIONS! And no one can tell you whether this room is 10/10 or not.

But we know for sure what EXACTLY might interest you. This is Escape Rooms of Maze Rooms. You won’t get such a cool experience anywhere and it’s guaranteed! Check out all available rooms, choose the one you like and share your impressions with us.