Escape Rooms are more than just a hobby for us, with over 7 different locations in Los Angeles and over a dozen unique escape room experiences under our catalog we are proud of the genre and everything that can be achieved within. And as the public face of the escape room scene in Los Angeles, we go to great lengths to provide the very best experience we can to our visitors and readers.

But as fans ourselves, we sometimes want to take a peek at other games making the rounds, and since we know how much you like our take on other rooms, we want to share our brand-new project minotaur escape room review with you. Chances are you’ve heard of the project minotaur quest room but if not, you’ll find all about it right here and right now, so keep on reading.


What is the project Minotaur escape room?


Project minotaur escape room in Los Angeles is an interactive horror experience that offers a somewhat unique melding of genres. Like so many other escape rooms in the genre, there’s a heavy sci-fi and conspiracy focus, as you’ll be exploring a military base. But the eponymous monster of quest room project minotaur? A minotaur clearly.

That on its own is a strong hook, but with how popular the game has gotten we already had a lot of reasons to visit the Minotaur escape room experience as is.


Our project minotaur escape room review


Escape Rooms have always flirted and melded a bit with the haunted house genre (and some would argue it replaced it), and a lot of your enjoyment of the minotaur escape room will come down to how much you enjoy that mix of genres.

Production values are through the roof, and the setting itself is very believable but it’s the moving and breathing Minotaur that takes the show. As a prop/costume, it’s breathtaking, and as a monster… Well, it’s breathtaking too, you’ll be running in panic before too very soon.

However, that’s also where the crux of the experience lies, as quest room minotaur is first and foremost a horror experience. There are some solid scares, a very good mood to run away from, and of course a lot of care. But for players that are into puzzles first and foremost, the Minotaur will falter, and if you don’t scare easily (or at all), well, you won’t have anything to do.


Where can I play the project minotaur quest room?


Project Minotaur is hosted on Santa Monica Boulevard, which means that is right here in Los Angeles and is a pretty simple trip if you want to experience it for yourself. Just make sure to book ahead of time and get good running shoes, because it is a chase game first and foremost.


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