Parents, if you have been hesitant about bringing your children to an escape room in Los Angeles, whether it is because some of the themes are for mature audiences or seem to be too scary, Maze Rooms has the perfect selection of escape games for kids!

Our family-friendly escape room concepts are suitable for children ranging from 8 years old and above. However, any players under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult player.

Real-life Advantages of Escape Games for Kids!

We know the struggle of every parent watching their children constantly fixated on their mobile devices, computers, and gaming consoles all day long. With the ongoing lockdowns, many children are not able to spend a day out and enjoy real-life experiences. But even before the pandemic, younger generations have already shifted to more digital mediums of entertainment.

At Maze Rooms, children will get to experience the thrill of adventure, unlock new memories, and open the door to a day of unforgettable fun in the flesh! But it is not just about fun and games at Maze Rooms. Escape games for kids also have the potential to support the development of cognitive skills in children.

Groups of participants are required to work together to collect clues, decipher codes, and solve riddles. Because of the format of the challenges, escape games can help develop a child’s ability to solve problems, broaden their imagination, enhance their memory and listening skills, and introduce the importance of teamwork.

Magic, Mysteries, & Make-Believe: Escape Games Your Kids Will Love!

Maze Rooms currently hosts over 20 escape room concepts in 7 different locations in Los Angeles. Among these escape rooms are themes that are specifically conceptualized to accommodate a younger audience. If you are bringing your kids to Maze Rooms for the first time, here are our top recommendations:

Pirate Bay

You and your swashbuckling band of adventurers are in search of a priceless artifact in a mysterious cabin that belongs to none other than the most infamous pirate himself, Blackbeard! ESCAPE before his crew comes back! A high-difficulty escape room, great for 2-6 players, ages 10 and up!

Lord of the Swords

You and your friends have journeyed long and far to find the mythical sword, a weapon of great power. Retrieve the sword and escape the Mazebitt house before your terrible foe finds you and all is lost! This medium-difficulty escape room is great for 2-6 players ages 10 and up!


Yeehaw! Embark on a prison-break mission set in the Wild, Wild West. Good for 2-8 players, ages 8 and up, with medium difficulty. Your gang of cowboys must get to town and break your friend out of jail before it’s too late!

Magic Kingdom

An enchanting experience perfect for families of 2-6 with children ages 10 and up, with medium difficulty! Dig deep into the storybooks and folktales of your childhood as you and your merry band of magicians solve puzzles and attempt to dispel the curse in 60 minutes!

A Jumanji-like adventure for family and friends! JUNGLE GAME is a medium-difficulty escape room perfect for 2-6 players, ages 10 and up! Tap into your survival instincts and work as a team to find the treasure and more importantly, the way out!

But don’t worry if you have already reached your adult or even senior years! These escape games are still enjoyable at any age. Dig deep into the storybooks and folktales of your childhood and relive those adventures in the flesh!

Our 7 Maze Rooms branches are situated at the following locations: Highland Avenue, LAX, Robertson Blvd, Santa Monica Blvd, Sepulveda Blvd, Venture Blvd, Vermont Ave. Bring your squad and book the best escape games for kids today!