Are you looking for new escape games to play with friends? Then look no further than today’s article. Today we’ll be covering everything you need to know to tackle the escape room game with friends scene and come out with unforgettable experiences in your memory.

So keep on reading to know the opinion of experts, to find out what makes a good co-op room experience, and of course to hear what we believe are the best escape room games to play with friends. It’s our insider guide to everything Los Angeles has to offer when it comes to co-op games.


What makes a good escape room with friends

Perhaps the most important question we have to answer is what makes a good escape room game with friends. After all, we gotta have a clear idea of what makes these rooms good in groups to truly get into the best ones. And from our point of view, the best way to go about this is multiple opportunities for cooperation.

Think for example of an escape room where there’s only one lockpad to solve at the start. Would that make for a good escape room with friends? Chances are that it wouldn’t really as only one person could interact with the puzzle at a time. But a game that has a lot of places to seek hints or uses puzzles that actively require coordination? Now that’s the kind of escape room with friends experience we are looking for.

So in short, you want escape rooms that are designed with groups in mind, and that have cohesive puzzles to go around that idea. letting a large group in a room isn’t hard, but the best escape room with friends experience demands that it truly is designed around cooperation.

Our selection of friends themed escape room

If you are in Las Vegas you don’t need to look any further than Maze Rooms for the best friends themed escape room experiences. At Maze Rooms all of our exhibits are designed for groups, and we try to make sure that in all of them, there’s enough to do for every player. Interactivity and freedom are the names of the game for us, and between the hints, puzzles, and the simple ambiance there is always something to find or discover no matter your skill range. 

In that sense, we recommend the games meant for 8 players so you get a real opportunity to interact with a lot of items and puzzles in a single visit. None of our games are meant to be linear and predictable, so really, no matter which one you pick there will be room for every single player on your team to do something. But in attractions like The Pharaoh’s Tomb Room or the Sky Odyssey, there is so much to discover and unearth that everybody will have a great time, and that’s what makes a good friends themed escape room.

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