If you are looking for the most creative escape rooms available then chances are you have had some experience with the genre already. And the fact is that for some businesses coming up with creative design room escape ideas can be a bit of a challenge, so we understand why some fans might feel like they’ve seen it all when it comes to escape room creative scene.

However that doesn’t have to be the case at all, and here at Maze Rooms, we want to tell you that there’s so much more to see when it comes to creative escape room puzzles, ideas, and motifs.


Creative escape room puzzles for enthusiasts and beginners alike

At Maze Rooms we go the extra length to make sure that our experiences can be enjoyed by anybody, and that means that we have creative escape room puzzles for all difficulty levels. If you are looking for the ultimate challenge we have a few brain teasers that push even the hardcore enthusiasts to the limit. But if you want a beginner course to introduce your beginner friends or your kids to a casual yet creative escape room we have plenty of those too.

At Maze Rooms we first and foremost offer variety, and that means that nowhere else in Los Angeles will you run into so many creative escape room ideas.

The most creative escape room ideas

For us variety begins with providing a wide variety of creative escape room themes, after all, no matter how solid the puzzles are it will still be dull to go through the same motions and motifs every single time.

Murder mysteries? We have those sure. Sherlock Holmes? We love him as much as you do. But things get interesting when you add Cyberpunk, Lunar Missions, and Area 51. Not all escape rooms have to be traditional detective tales or spy investigations, and when it comes to creative escape room themes we have something for everybody.

So it’s a double deal at the end of the day, you get to experience creative escape rooms that are varied in both puzzles and motifs, and that means that every single experience in our catalog is completely different from the previous one.

Creative design room escape near you

If you are looking for creative escape rooms near you all you have to do is be in Los Angeles! We count with 7 different locations and well over 20 unique escape rooms, which means that no matter where you are in the city there’ll be one of our rooms near you. We are located on Playa del Rey, Highland Avenue, Ventura Boulevard, and beyond. So really, all you need to be is in the city and you’ll have one of our rooms near to your house or your hotel. We are close to everybody, and that’s part of our commitment to quality.


Visit us in Los Angeles

As we said above we are located in Los Angeles and the best part is that we are open almost every day of the year. In fact, you can book your visit right here on the site, so if you are interested at all in checking our games there’s zero hassle involved. So make sure to book us soon and we are looking forward to seeing you soon, Maze Rooms has an escape room for everybody, and your new favorite is waiting here in Los Angeles.?